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Columns: Launch Day Impressions

MU Legend's Open Beta Now Live with New Trailer.The long-awaited addition towards the MU franchise launches its international OBT Yesterday.And there are plans in the near future to add content material which includes 3v3, territory wars and more. You may check out the brand new OBT launch trailer before heading for the MU Legend website to understand far more about how to get began playing.


Mu Legend Dark Lord Skills Guide for New comers

MU Legend's infamous Dark Lord, equipped having a shield for excellent defense, is a class that's nicely suited to lead battles from the frontline. Instrumental in freeing humans from the Ashes, he sacrificed his humanity in exchange for high power.


The Eat gem Hungry Loop Ring Will probably be add in path of exile 3.1.0

To feed it a gem, it's essential to level that gem to its maximum level inside the ring. Yes, that indicates you'll be able to take a level 19 gem that is definitely able to hit 20, socket it, and level it up, and the ring will eat it.



NBA 2K18 there is the last one day to open, there are already a lot of people into the game, in the early game MT is difficult to obtain, you want to get the players are relatively high prices, so in this video, we mentioned some simple way to create MT coins. Of course, we most want to introduce the following can buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins shop store.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team: App Pick

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is simply the best soccer game around for mobile devices. Puching Zhang reviews.


EA Sports release new Mike Dean FIFA 17 FUT card

EA Sports have today released a new FIFA Ultimate Team card in honour of Premier League referee and online cult sensation Mike Dean.

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