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There are a lot of unexplained stats and a lot of what seems like overlap between the stats where I can't tell the difference between two or three stats.

Your fifa player could feel sluggish

There are a lot of unexplained stats and a lot of what seems like overlap between the stats where I can't tell the difference between two or three stats.

There are tons of "stat breakdown" pages that say things like "Aggression works in tandem with Strength; you’ll usually find that a player has high scores for both" or sites that "explain" Balance and Agility by lumping them together and saying "even if you have 95+ for Acceleration and Sprint Speed, your player could feel sluggish and a little unresponsive if they lack Agility and Balance." Yes we all know they are related. The whole reason I'm searching online for a breakdown is because I want to know the DIFFERENCE between them. If Agility and Balance do the same thing, then why did they include separate stats for each.

I've tried to include an explanation for each of these below because I sort of feel there's a lot of overlap but maybe I'm wrong. I can see the difference between Aggression and Reactions at each end of the spectrum, but it's hard to really distinguish between some of the in between stats. Here's my attempt. Any input or corrections are definitely welcome.

Standing Tackle - how well a player times a challenge in order to win the ball while standing. A lower stat means the player may not win the ball at all or may concede a foul in doing so.

Aggression - I have no idea what Aggression does but I've seen all kinds of opinions on it. Some people say it means when a player wins a tackle, a higher aggression stat will make the ball go further away. Others say a higher aggression stat means the player is more likely to drift out of a defensive position in order to press an opponent. These two things seem completely unrelated to me so I doubt Aggression determines both. I've also seen sites that describe it as the "frequency and aggression of tackling" which is both redundant, since it uses the term aggression in the definition, and also wrong since I'm holding the controller so I determine the frequency of tackles. Any insight into this stat would be very helpful. It's hard to determine the difference in game since most players who have high aggression also have a high strength stat or a high tackling stat so if they are all the same, then why did EA include all three.

Strength - a higher stat means the player is more likely to win a physical challenge. This includes an opponent trying to push him off the ball as well as winning ariel duels. When going into a physical challenge and winning, I assume there are some elements that are determined by Tackling while others are determined by Strength whereas winning ariel duels has some elements that are determined by Jumping while other elements are determined by Strength. Not sure exactly how this pans out but it does seem sort of intuitive.

Balance - a lower stat means the player is more likely to scuff a difficult shot or cross or fall over when being tugged at by an opponent. When taking a shot or making a cross, if the ball isn't directly in front of the player, balance will determine whether he scuffs the shot and falls over or makes the shot or cross successfully. Also, when a player is being tugged or nudged by an opponent you'll sometimes hear the commentator say something like "he almost went over there but he managed to keep his balance and stay on his feet." This is the game pointing out a player's balance stat. A player with a lower balance stat would have fallen over in this situation. It's also clear that sometimes a player falls over when nudged because his strength stat is low, even if his balance stat is high. This is the area of overlap I'm not clear on exactly.

Agility - a lower stat means there is more delay when changing directions while running. A higher stat also makes your overhead kicks and other acrobatic moves more successful. However, the success of some difficult shots or maneuvers seems to be determined by Agility, while others are determined by Balance. I'm not clear on which does what.

Reactions - a lower stat means there is more delay when a player does what you tell them to do or responds automatically to a situation. This is for things other than running and changing directions. Running and changing directions is determined by Agility. A player with a high reactions stat will also be more likely to jump over a sliding defender whereas a player with a low reactions stat will topple over. But what if I'm a fullback trying to stay with a quick winger in order to block a cross. Which stat determines my ability to stay with him and get in the way? Is it Agility, Reactions, or Acceleration? I'm guessing that all three have an effect, but what is the real difference between the three.

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