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The League Gaming Versus Football Association (LGVFA) is a competitive 1v1 (versus) league that uses the XBox One’s version of FIFA 15.

XBox One 1v1 FIFA 15 League signups are open

Hey guys, long time lurker of these forums. I see quite a few people hoping to start some kind of tournament or what not, but not much luck or follow through. Tells me that the competition is there, just needs the right person to run it. I think I can do this on League Gaming.


**About the LGVFA**


* The League Gaming Versus Football Association (LGVFA) is a competitive 1v1 (versus) league that uses the XBox One’s version of FIFA 15.


* Unlike other leagues that are hosted on League Gaming, the LGVFA will not necessarily attempt to mimic any other soccer league, though inspiration is derived from them.

* The season will consist of a eight week regular season followed by a playoff beginning February 8th, 2015.


* To promote fair play, players will not be allowed to select five star teams.


* Each week you will be scheduled to play four games. Unlike other League Gaming leagues, you will not have a set time and date to play these games. You will need to work with your opponents to find a time and date to play your game between Sunday - Friday.


* The league is targeted to begin with 24 teams, however if numbers are much higher than anticipated, we will expand.


* You won't get to choose your teams right away. In an effort to be a bit more fair and use the randomness that comes with the football community, we'll have a draft of teams on the 6th or 7th of February. The order will be completely random and we're in the talks of having a live show during this process.

* Finishing off the regular season with an eight team playoff and crowning a champion.


* After the introductory season, looking to take 16 of the 24 teams to create an upper league, with the last 8 + new signups forming the lower league. Will then install a promotion/relegation season for future seasons.


* Looking to include cups in the next season as well.


* No five back formations allowed.


* Game speed must be set to “Normal”.


* Half lengths must be set to “6 Minutes”


**About League Gaming**


I've been playing in competitive online gaming leagues since Madden 2005. I've been part of Madden leagues, Age of Empires ladders, Halo 2 Tournaments, NHL 6v6 leagues, Starcraft Leagues, Counter Strike ladders. It's safe to say that I've seen quite a bit out there and nothing has come close to the experience that League Gaming has to offer. The league's creator and coder, Tris10, has created something that I haven't seen anywhere else and I'm glad that I could head up the Versus league for the XBox One on their site.


Here are some of the features:


* League Gaming App. Out on the iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry platforms, the nearly full website experience in your palm. You're able to chat with your opponents, send messages to the league staff (me), you're able to enter in your scores from your phone.


** More info on the app here:*


* Twitch Integration. Live streaming and the social media aspect of online gaming has really taken off in the past few years. I've begun following a few guys on YouTube thanks to some recommendations from people in this subreddit. And this is built into the league website. You can set up your Twitch account and begin streaming during your games. Any streams will show up in LGTV, which allows users to watch multiple streams going on at once and comment in their channel.


* Game Clip Integration. For my friends and I, we're constantly sending each other game clips from a 50 yard bomb from Reus in FUT or Lacazette dribbling through the entire team. Having the ability to sync your Game Clips from your XBox One and share with the community or assign to certain games just adds to that experience. Instead of just seeing that my friend won 3-1, I can click on his game, see the team stats, see possession numbers, can see shots on target, I can see the full game from his Twitch archive upload, or I can just see the game clip highlights that he has uploaded to the game.


* Complete website integration. For anyone who has played in online leagues before, you've come across broken sites where your roster is on some google doc here, the stats are hosted on some 3rd party website, and the forums are on some free hosted bulletin board. While it gets the job done, there's something to be said about having everything in one place. While the occasional list is hosted on a google doc, being able to browse the forums, see someone post something, and see what teams that player is on, and their record on each team is something I haven't seen elsewhere.


** Example of forum & site integration:*


**Holy *, that's a lot of text. Just let me sign up already. How do I do that?**


You can sign up for the website here:


Once you've signed up for the league, you'll need to vet your account to prove that this is actually your gamertag.


To do this, you'll need to go to the front page of the league, once there you will see instructions on how to vet your account.

Once that is done you'll be ready to sign up for the LGVFA.


* You'll need to read the full rules first, you can find them here:


* Once you've read the rules, you can go the the LGVFA main forum page here, click on the signup button on the right-hand side of the page. You'll get a prompt that asks you if you've read the rules and then click "Sign Up". Then you wait. As mentioned before, once you're part of the league we'll be having a team draft on the 6th or 7th of February.


**As with my post before, please feel free to reply to this thread or PM me if you have any questions or need a hand. Thanks a lot for reading Reddit, hope to see a lot of you guys over there.**

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