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I've seen a real lack of love for two of my main FUT men, Big Salomon and Bigger Salomón. I have even seen nasty words about Bigger Salomón printed on this very forum.

Would the real FIFA King Salomon please stand up

I've seen a real lack of love for two of my main FUT men, Big Salomon and Bigger Salomón. I have even seen nasty words about Bigger Salomón printed on this very forum.

I thought I'd post my own substantiated appraisal.

I hope to find like minded appreciators of the Salomi.

Perhaps you may wish to share your experiences. Or perhaps reading this may inspire you to welcome a Salomi into your life?

Salomon Kalou

The Ivory Coast international, one time Oranje prospect and Drogba perfectlink is in his FIFA twilight years. He turns 30 this summer and is highly likely to be Di Natalied so there is no better time to try out the big man.

Fleet footed, 4* fifa skills, with surprisingly creative passing and a tidy finish he has proved an excellent foil for both Lewandowski and Huntelaar throughout my divisions (mainly 1) campaigns.

He's decent in the air too, will hold off, and dance around, the most brutish defenders.

SIF Salomón Rondón

I know duck all about this man so I can't make any wise cracks about him being one time this or three time that. I'm also not going to insult your intelligence by reapplying Chuck Noris one liners to Salomón. I can tell you he's the most expensive Venezuelan since Patricia Velásquez signed for The Mummy Returns.

Anyway, he's absolutely outrageous. Imagine Suarez but 6' 2" and built like one of those aircraft carriers the government should stop spending money on. I have not used anyone like him as far as going through and past players goes.

You simply can't push him off the ball.

Many have tried. Many have ended up on the floor.

His finishing is so much more clinical than his other cards and if you power a shot in the box towards the goal it sails past the keeper making a net bulge that would probably make a voyeuristic Buzzfeed article.

All the goals were scored in division 1 (and I'm an average player)

They really do the talking...

The teams:

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