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I dashboarded immediately in disgust. I have zero tolerance for EA's 'nonsense' and the online trash who play FIFA (better 'community' than COD? No way).

Why FIFA is so bad

Started La Liga TOTS Cup

Predictably up against high pressure, constant pressing, second man press, pace, jockey button held down for the entire match and the exploit-ridden 'style of play'/tactics making my passes go haywire, as usual.

BUT after hanging on a bit in the first half, I actually dominated the second. He starts pausing the game when he's under pressure. He does it when I have the ball out wide, I already made my pass but the ball ends up with his players on the break, conveniently perfect roll of the ball in his favour past all the way up the pitch and right across my goal line to the conveniently unmarked striker (out wide no less) = tap-in goal.

Time of goal? 90th minute.

I dashboarded immediately in disgust. I have zero tolerance for EA's 'nonsense' and the online trash who play FIFA (better 'community' than COD? No way). He sent me a gloating message after the game while I was typing exactly what I thought of him in my message.

So, thanks again EA, you produced the only video game in history which constantly makes the better player lose and feel humiliated and look like a bad loser. A video game which encourages sociopaths.

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