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I don't expect people to play bronze tournaments every day. I don't do it myself. If it's due to the lack of opponents, I understand, but I don't think that's the main reason.

Why don't you play fifa bronze tournaments?

I don't expect people to play bronze tournaments every day. I don't do it myself. If it's due to the lack of opponents, I understand, but I don't think that's the main reason. And if it's the main reason, it will never be easier to find opponents if everyone is giving up and just play with gold squads instead.

Must be boring to play with gold squads in all games the whole year? Most people don't even include a few silvers in their squads. It's all about getting the best gold players possible. Zzzzz. I've got a bunch of TOTS gold players and some nice quality squads, but I'm also playing a lot with bronze and silver players. Even bronze players in my gold squads, if they're good.

Building a gold squad is easy. You can just get 11 players from the same league or same nation, and you don't have to do a lot of thinking. In most cases you can just easily get 11 really good players and put them together in a team. Gold hybrids are also really easy to build. Is easy fun? Are people lazy? You just want to play with players you've seen on TV or in the newspapers?

I'm Norwegian, and I've got a Norwegian Tippeligaen squad. Awesome. Actually one of the best leagues on bronze level. If you're from Poland you can build a Polish league squad, if you're Austrian you can build an Austrian league squad. Yes, I said 1 league squads are easy to build, but when it's your own country and not a well known league it's a lot more fun.

Bronze hybrids are also more fun to build. I've got hero Assiri from the Arabic league, and Arabic bronze players aren't the best. So I had to build a hybrid with enough Arabic links and then try to find out which nations and leagues I should combine with. Wanted Assiri as RF in 3421, and only needed an Arabic RM and CM. Ended up with two non rare players, and they're both quite good. CM is a CAM, but works fine at CM. Then you need to find a striker you know get a green link to a LF and at the same time remember to not paint yourself into a corner when you're about to find some decent defenders. In the end this hybrid didn't end up very original, but I've put a lot of time in looking for bronze players in all leagues in the entire game. I wanted quality, that's the main reason why it's not more original.

If this was a gold hybrid it would have been a lot easier to find the remaining 8 players (let's say you had 3 Arabic gold players, 11-3=8). Easy is boring.

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