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kane? if giroud? (doesnt look as good as fifa 12)doesn't have to be bpl if there are better options! for 120k fifa coins max

who is the tots giroud of fifa 15?

My best and most enjoyable team ever was a 352 ligue 1 team in fifa 12 team full of ifs with this absolute monster

im so bored of ut this year that recreating a team like this may create some buzz, wanted some opinions on a targetman/presence up top

this is what i've got atm (excuse sturridge , lfc fan plus coutinho is my favourite player)

kane? if giroud? (doesnt look as good as fifa 12)

doesn't have to be bpl if there are better options! for 120k fifa coins max

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When a fifa player is extinct people try to snipe them

When a player is extinct people try to snipe them. I have noticed that when players under 500k fifa coins get a price range update, no one wants to pay they price that they have been paying for while extinct.


The trouble with FUT is not just EA but its the players

However, I've been playing this game since he started. This is a trading card game and its totally biased and unfair in many ways. Ive been playing since its birth and the best card I ever got was a Messi and that was my first ever squad which I inherited on UT


New to FIFA Toty General questions!

Hi all, new to next gen (well technically next next gen) Fifa, the last time I fifa played it was back on the mega drive and all the players had stars around them!


FIFA 16 UT: What do YOU want?

Going into the 2015-2016 season and game there needs to be great changes to the game. Below are what I've gathered from the community and myself as what EA need to do


FIFA 15 IDEA: Deterministic player and fifa coin management!

FIFA Coins awarded from playing FUT matches are aligned towards a ladder system where we can play a lot and eventually be able to afford our favourite fifa players.


Genuinely good idea for FIFA 16 imo

I was thinking EA could remove the ability to buy packs with coins so we don't flood the market if another ridiculous amount of fifa coins somehow became available to everyone. Now obviously while all are reading this, you probably already think this is a bad FIFA idea; however..

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