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Have you seen the new FIFA 17 trailer? You probably have. That Frostbite Engine looks very promising, doesn't it?

What's Your FIFA 17 Expectations

Have you seen the new FIFA 17 trailer? You probably have. That Frostbite Engine looks very promising, doesn't it? Having watched the trailer, we have decided to compile a list of features that we really want to see in EA Sports' next installment in the iconic FIFA franchise. 


First and foremost, FIFA lags behind its other sports franchise counterparts when it comes to graphics. Be it the textures or the player faces or the stadiums, FIFA needs to come up with a new game plan if it wants to capture fans in the long run. But the menu's color palette from FIFA 16 is a step towards the right path.


Next up, the Career Mode. EA Sports' biggest problem lies in the fact that their sports franchises are never really pushed to the limit. The amounts of risks taken are usually zero and thus, the product seems a more polished version of the installment before. The Career Mode has not been properly revamped since FIFA 10 (Yes, 2009 was the last year of a major change) with the introduction of the feature of being able to manage an international team being the only new addition since 2009.


If you remember, there used to be a time when you would have to answer to the press in FIFA which would lead to your popularity increasing and hence, better teams would ask you to be their manager. And where did the option of joining another team at the end of the season go? EA should take a look at 2K Sports' NBA franchise to see how a proper manager mode works. The press and the fans should be an important feature again. Rivalry games should be given a rise in the difficulty level and most importantly, the option of joining a new team at the end of the season should be brought back. 


At last, the game play needs to be tinkered a little. FIFA 16's emphasis on passing was good but the downside was the constant interceptions. Tempo should be a major focus like it was in FIFA 13. The passing ability of the CMs should play a vital role in the overall attacking prospects of the team while the wideback and the winger's pace should be important when scoring a goal. In FIFA 15, pace became an OP factor. But it was too overwhelming. The right balance needs to be found.


Nevertheless, FIFA 17 looks promising with that first look only. Let's hope that the final product really does live up to all the hype.

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