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Practice Arena option located in FUT CENTRAL (FUT's Main Menu). The practice arena would be like the one on single player, but you can use your FUT squad.

Two suggestions to improve FUT

Suggestion 1)

Practice Arena option located in FUT CENTRAL (FUT's Main Menu). The practice arena would be like the one on single player, but you can use your FUT squad. We should have the ability to practise set pieces as well as play practise matches. I think this will be great for FUT as it will allow users to have personal time with the squad on the pitch. In the arena, users can also try and learn new moves with their players.

Users spend a lot of time and fifa coins on building their ultimate team, so why not have this arena for the team?

This will be a great new addition to FUT as in future FUTs, users can have the ability to customize their arena.

Suggestion 2)

The user should be able to dictate where players play to a certain extent WITHOUT having poor chemistry. In real Football, the coaches make position changes in his team to fit the agenda. For example, sometimes a right back will be moved to right mid. This should be a feature in FUT outside of informs, MOTMs, etc. We should have more position changes options, such as changing a RB to RM, a LM to RM, or even a RM to CAM, and many more.

Of course it has to be realistic, so that we wouldn't see Doumbia at centre back. This could be avoided by limiting players to certain position changes. If you go ingame and view the stats of a player, you can see several positions listed on the player. Many players have multiple positions like RB, RM, LM, etc. We should be able to add cards and change them to one of those positions.

Yes, IFs, MOTMS, etc, offer position changes, but it is not always guaranteed and the amount of players getting IFs are minimal compared to the whole database. Another thing is one of the main points of IFs are the upgraded stats rather than the position change.

FUT has been out a couple years, so it's time now it emulates real Football as much as possible.

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