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When you start managing a club on Fifa, the first question you have to ask yourself is, “What is my team about and how can I make it better?”.

Top 5 FIFA 16 Players You Need to Purchase

When you start managing a club on Fifa, the first question you have to ask yourself is, “What is my team about and how can I make it better?”. Now, this is not an easy task as the options range in thousands which then have to be narrowed down to your given budget and player preference.


So, here are the top 5 players you should try getting on Career Mode.


1. Paul Pogba


The French midfielder is easily one of the best players in the game. He has the strength, skill, finesse and stamina to go one-on-one with any player in the league. So if you’re managing one of the heavyweights like Manchester City, Real Madrid, Barcelona or PSG on Career Mode, don’t wait any longer and splurge for the central midfielder who can boss the game for the full 90 minutes.


2. Ruben Neves


The Portuguese defensive midfielder is only 18 and is still rated an impressive 74. This guy develops into a world-class talent in a few years. His potential rating of 86 can easily be breached by the time he’s 25, so you’re basically spending a meager 6M for potentially one of the best midfielders in the game.


3. Alen Halilovic


Barcelona’s very own wonderkid in the making can be an excellent pick up for your team if you’re looking to build a title-winning side of the future. He starts with a rating of 77 and can grow to 91. It is a win-win situation. Moreover, he plays like Iniesta on the game and if you can be patient, you will actually have a better version of Iniesta in your team if you can grow Halilovic to his full potential.


4. Romelu Lukaku


My golden rule in Fifa is: When in doubt, sign Romelu Lukaku. Are you looking for a big, brawny and lethal striker for your team? Well, then look no further because the Belgian beast is here to rescue your team from the doldrums. The striker currently plays for Everton and has a rating of 82 with a potential of 88. The guy’s base rating is 82 Finishing, 80 Acceleration, 85 Sprint Speed and 92 Strength. The stats are insane, just go and sign him up.


5. Neymar


Now, I don’t consider myself a ‘Skiller’ on Fifa but it’s because of players like Neymar that fans of the sports actually go out and buy the game just to copy the player’s insane skills on the video game. So treat yourself by going out and buying Neymar or just playing with Barcelona on Career Mode. The Brazilian has 5-star skill moves and 5 star weak foot. Seriously, it gets to easy at one point…just too easy.

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