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To be honest, there are many great FIFA 16 players always do some stupid things in the game, and below is the top 10, did you do that ever?

Top 10 Stupid Things You May Do in FIFA 16

To be honest, there are many great FIFA 16 players always do some stupid things in the game, and below is the top 10, did you do that ever?




The team behind FIFA 16 tried to improve the issue with colliding players. Unfortunately, they probably ended up making it worse. Before, if two players collided with each other they would fall over. However, in this installment, they stay upright but neither one of the guys will ever get the ball.




Artificial intelligence can make a previously good game absolutely suck. This is especially true with sports games, and that leads me to FIFA 16. The defensive AI in this game can get downright infuriating with missed passes, own goals, and goalies hitting the ball straight to an opponent.




A major problem in FIFA 16 is with their set pieces and, specifically, the lack of customization for them. In prior installments in the franchise, like FIFA 14, you could set customization settings for formations on corners and free kicks. This really limits the strategy you can implore when playing FIFA 16.





For whatever reason, the refs in FIFA 16 are as bad as the one’s from the 2002 Western Conference Finals. I swear one time when I was playing the game the official gave me a yellow card for breathing on an opponent.




For whatever reason, the developers of this game decided to fix what was never broken. Switching players was never an issue in older FIFA games, so I don’t understand why it was altered in FIFA 16. Half the time when you switch a player in the game, it will switch you to someone who is not even in the same area code!



In this game, if you get too mad at the game you may actually receive a warning message. You will see it in your message archive, and it warns you, as the manager, that you need to hold your tongue. You know, if I want to swear at the officials for a bad call I should be able to!




The one major thing that needed to be fixed in FIFA 16 was the online play. Well, it is safe to say that it hasn’t been fixed in the slightest. As a matter of fact, it may have actually gotten worse. Good luck playing this game for more than 30 minutes without connectivity issues.




OK, I have seen that goal enough times so can we move on, please! That is exactly what I found myself saying when playing this game because the replay system is broken. I don’t mind seeing replays of epic plays, but not for a standard goal.




OK, so this technically is not in the game, but it is worth mentioning. Sports games always seem to be the worst when it comes to the online community, but FIFA 16 takes it to another level. There are so many immature arrogant punks playing this game, and it makes playing this game online unbearable at times.




I am going back to the subject of online gameplay, and some of the jerks who play online. When I say skill spammers, you know the people I am talking about. These are the people who are doing skills when no one is by them, and it becomes extremely annoying after five seconds.

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