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Almost made the list – Wolfsburg (poor performance against Napoli probably lost them their spot), Valencia (Great team, but I’m not sure if better than the English fifa clubs).

Top 10 fifa clubs in the Europe

Based on current form:

1. Barcelona – Top of the league, in the semi final of champions league after passing Man city and PSG with ease. Since that lose against Sociedad in January they have been in top form, beating Real Madrid in the process. Sure, Real played better for most of the game, but in the last 30 minutes of the game Barca could’ve scored 5 more.

2. Real Madrid – If it wasn’t for James and Modric’s injuries, they would probably be top of the league. Close battle with Bayern, but Bayern have even more injuries that RM which is why Bayern is only 3rd.

3. Bayern Munich – Very hard to tell if Bayern very good or overrated. On the one hand, they’re cruising through the Bundesliga, scored 30 goals in 10 game in CL, scored 7 past Roma and 6 past Porto, and just looks scary good. On the other hand, this year they lost to Porto in a very poor defensive performance, lost to Wolfsburg and gladbach, who are their main rivals in Bundesliga, and are losing their best players every week from injuries. They’re probably still better than the teams below them, but it’s hard to say if they can beat RM or Barca.

4. Chelsea – Technically they didn’t lose to PSG, they did what Mourinho does best – not lose. Best team in England, but in terms of quality, miles behind Bayern and the Spaniards.

5. Juventus – Best (and only) team in Serie A, great defence and midfield and one carlitos Tevez. Anyone who think RM will walk over them is deluded.

6. Atletico Madrid – They’re not as good as last year, probably because it’s really hard to maintain such intense performance over a long period of time and because of the loss of Diego Costa. I think they can probably still beat Chelsea like last year, but they’re too inconsistent this year and apart from their game against RM (Cup and league, not CL) they didn’t play well against big clubs.

7. PSG – They too lack some consistency, mostly in the league, but for most of the time they prove that they’re a few levels above the rest. Got past Chelsea with 10 men, but probably rely too much on Ibrahimovic for scoring goals.

8. Arsenal – 2nd best team in England at the moment

9. Man Utd – 3rd best team in England

10. Man city – 4th best team in England

Almost made the list – Wolfsburg (poor performance against Napoli probably lost them their spot), Valencia (Great team, but I’m not sure if better than the English clubs).

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