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They make attacking better every single year on Fifa...Yet defending has got worse every year since Fifa 11.

This FIFA game is funny

This game lol.

I create a new team to have some fun with, since I managed to get orange Rakitic.

So I go into a quick match and every time I just play the biggest ***** around. I face the likes of Callum Wilson and Agbonlahor with Di Maria and Ramires in midfield. That team is vile btw. You can probably guess the rest of the team.

Every one of my opponents can't possibly let me have the ball more than 1 second. The pressure is obscene. My opponent has 3 guys running around like headless **** chickens trying to get the ball back, just to either shoot on "THE Angle" (With outside of the foot shot), or run at me with ridiculous pace.

I honestly sometimes think the person on the other screen is screaming, "Gimme the ball, GIMME THE BALL GIMME THE BALL


If any of my real life friends played like these kids online and were sitting next to me, I'd honestly smack them round the head.

So anyways, I decided to quit out of that game at 0-0. Life is just too short and it was stressing me out. The guy was obviously desperate for the win.

My girlfriend wanted to play a game of Fifa on FUT. She's only ever played career mode. She creates a team, with all good looking players. Funny thing is, she actually plays like a scrub you see in Div3, believe it or not. She never lets go of Double Pressing, always fancy passes it out of defence and rarely lets go of the sprint button, unless it's to play a through ball... The amount of help she was getting from the game mechanics was ridiculous... And she wins.

I've played 5 games tonight, lost all 5, my worst run in a long time. My gf, who is clearly the biggest noob and knows fk all about football has won 2 out of 2.

This game is just for **** kids who just want to exploit the games flaws.

I wish we all had to defend manually and that double pressing bollocks was never introduced.

They make attacking better every single year on Fifa...Yet defending has got worse every year since Fifa 11.

If I was John Terry or Kompany or someone... I'd be ashamed to be in this game.

Rant over.

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