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my favorite fifa 15 situation. other player was taking corner, he called a player to come close, he did low short pass, so they are still in corner area. so he took short pass, then with other player returned ball to player who took corner

Things that happened to me ingame in Fifa 14/15, ps3

so i have been playing fifa 14 and now fifa 15, something like year and a half or so. im old football sim player, started with iss pro 98, played fifa 98 too, so im not novice.

in fifa 14, i got to a div2, was one win away from div1, dropped to div5, then stopped playing for dunno how long. in fifa 15, i think i reached div2, but currently going up down div3,4

i want to share some stuff that happened to me while playing this game. and believe me, that is far from all that happened to me, i want to share most bizarre things. and to note, all those things happened in games i had feeling i have absolutely no control, no matter how bad other player is, and that i am doomed to lose.

my favorite alltime situation from fifa14: other player took corner, MY player rushed MY goalkeeper and tackled him down, leaving other player just to hit empty net. do i need to point out that other player couldnt score up to that point?

my favorite fifa 15 situation. other player was taking corner, he called a player to come close, he did low short pass, so they are still in corner area. so he took short pass, then with other player returned ball to player who took corner, then HIS second player collided with HIS player that had ball, and i noticed yellow advantage sign in top right corner, implying i did illegal tackle. meanwhile, i was running to them with my player, and when i was close to his two players, and probably taking the ball, he passed a long ground ball back to his side of field with my player on center close to capture the ball. game then called the foul, and took ball back to that area where his two players collided. there is no doubt that game called a foul on spot where his player collided with his other player, i was too far, and game took his free kick on that exact spot. he crossed the ball into the box, and goalkeeper and my three players around him didnt jump or tried to kick the ball, leaving him free to score.

those are my two favorites, but i will add some more, and update topic with time.

in one game, other player had throw in at center, i couldnt take the ball whole line up to corner flag, no matter what i did i would push ball back out, and that went for whole half of the field, until he got corner, and of course, scored a fine header while my players were refusing to move or jump.

i was in defense, other player tried to shoot or pass inside penalty area, from right side to left side of the net, closer to the middle, ground ball passed my goalkeeper, but i was following his player that rushed in, and i managed to catch the ball almost at the line, i calmly turned around, leaving his player behind on my goal line, took two steps forward, looking where to pass ball forward, and then MY AI player rushed full speed into me, out of nowhere, and pushed the ball into the net

one game,in last 15 minutes, other player was just doing pressure on me, and its getting normal for me now, with time, that this fifa 15 has those moments where your players feel like some bunch of amateurs unable to make 10m pass, and no matter what you do, every clearance goes back to other player for another chance of pass or shoot. but what happened here was really bizarre. for 5-10 ingame minutes, all my long passes out of my penalty area or close to it, depending where i stopped him, were countered by his one touch long air passes with pinpoint precision back to his player just outside or on edge of my penalty area. i set game to Park the bus, i blocked or took every ball before he could score, he was noticeable bad player, i tried to clear it as far as possible so i can go forward push him away from my goal, but none of my balls manage to go much far from center line, with most of them unable to reach center line, and as i said, every ball was hit back one touch back to his players around my penalty area.

i feel better now for sharing this. i will share some more another time, and gonna talk about some small, but important stuff, how this fifa game messes with me

in coop session, we defended one attack, kicked the ball out, around 35 meters from goal their player received the ball and shot. it was easy slow middle of goal shot. we had one player on box line. suddenly, our goalkeeper rushed to kick with his one hand out ball that was going easy in his hands, and did a full head forward flip over our player in front of him

im not actually clear on how he managed to jump directly over our player, head forward, with absolutely no threat around him, and crashed on his back, while ball nicely ended in our net

there is one thing that is actually a bug, or bad coding or whatever. and i know if you keep the ball too long you are bond to lose it, but, i stop a cross ball, nevermind that game refuses to kick the ball right away because i see other player rushing me, that is totally another thing but also very weird, i seem to calm the ball for other players while desperately trying to kick it anywhere but leaving it there for them because i see they just run forward and gonna take it, and its not like that every time. it also seems players lose ability to pass the ball as soon opponent grabs and starts pulling their shirt like maniac, with no foul.


opponent comes from my left side, stretches the leg to right side, takes the ball, and continues full sprint like nothing happened. try that in real football and someone would get really hurt. for this to work, he needs to pass right through me with leg, and nevermind the lost momentum, but hey, we playing half ghost half supermen here, no need to slow down after something that clearly must be collision, and leg stretched half a meter away to take the ball, while leaving my player standing there, that is taking time to turn around, while he sprints to my goal. full sprint, perfect ball control, and taking the ball like my player isnt even there.

my friend and i today dropped from div2 to div3 coop. did i said we mostly played div1 and some div2 players to get to div2? we dropped out because we got 3 dnf in a row, 2 while we were leading.

last game, we are up 2 1, they cross the ball, my player refuses to move to at least disturb incoming rocket player, and after they score, you can see our player instead jumping, trying some one leg routine from ballet. we had 2 wins in a row, if we had won that, we needed just one more to stay in div2. did i say i managed to get to 5meter area, set player perfecty for shot and he missed a goal for 3 0?

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