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As I am on pc the latest patch 1.05 is very good patch which made the game very near to the release version of the game, except few very little issues,which if EA wants those can be sorted out easily.

The latest fifa 16 patch(1.05) is Superb except few things

As I am on pc the latest patch 1.05 is very good patch which made the game very near to the release version of the game, except few very little issues,which if EA wants those can be sorted out easily.


First let me say the moaners moaning about passing and other issue, so on behalf of all the hardcore gamers let me tell those moaner aka the kids I have no issue with the passing even I want EA to make it more harder and error prone for both the user and CPU. And I also think dribble has been balanced & stamina system is really working good and defending I never had any issues the harder the better. So kids if u think its hard then go down one level or try to play from beginners and train yourself to accomplish the difficulties you are facing but don't moan I can't play and all those idiotic things.


Now the issues given below please go through it EA


1. Please make the professional level offline more harder and let them score more goals, please make the CPU A.I. more smarter.


2. Slow down the sprinting mainly the wingers sprinting and the cut ins they are little overpowered for the user. make passing as I said more harder and error prone for both CPU and user ( I am really liking how you have to think before passing but it's still not to that level at the time of the release version ).


3.Why not we pc gamers still got no Nike Ordem winter ball for the three leagues.


4. This is a query mainly if anybody can confirm will be good

After patch some animations are missing in career mode ( like referee is not spraying and when the games starts there used to be some information about the league like table and stats, but I have seen none have this been deleted or is it only me ?


5. Another thing I want to be added goalkeeper stamina depleting, I really want the goalkeeper to be fatigued so I can play my other goalkeepers, rite now it's meaningless keeping more than 1 goalkeeper in a team.

Apart from this things every thing is fine.


So please see this issue and we got a real game in hand as it was at the time of demo or the release version.


A fifa 16 player idea:


I agree with making pro level cpu ai better and more able to score.


The difficulty levels for offline play are terrible.

Beginner your team is godlike and the ai is atrocious


Amateur your team still makes wonderful runs, controller response is perfect, your teammates support you and win balls back from the cpu on their own vs. an ai that is a little better at passing but passive on defense


Pro your team is still ok, controller response is fine, 50/50 balls are fair, vs an ai that might bring the ball into your half but will not shoot unless they are in the 6 box. In fact this mode is really fair and balanced feeling but the ai can easily be held to zero shots.


World class your team feels a touch slower and the controls are not as crisp. Where did all the amazing off the ball runs go that were happening on easier levels? Why do I have to individual control of every player on my team if I want them to do something? Did the cpu just dribble the ball through my defenders planted leg? I was passing to the open guy why did it go to the player who is marked? Vs. a cpu ai that will use their slight speed advantage and the favoritism of 50/50 balls being 70/30 cpu balls to score a goal here and there


Legendary. Take world class and make your team a bit more sluggish and boost the ai advantages more.


Seriously, it's 2015 and this is still how we do AI difficulty? Making the cpu better while crippling the human players team?


Why can't my team behave like they do on am vs legendary cpu ai?


Why can't the ai just get smarter while my ai controlled teammates still behave like a team and not cats I need to herd to get the job done?

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