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I was also AWFUL at trading and I had no fifa idea the value of players because I didn't watch soccer/football. I couldn't afford gold players so I searched for 5 star silver skillers

The idea of building FIFA teams was so intriguing to me

I was a late in playing but I started playing FIFA 11 back in the days. I was so addicted it was quite sad to be honest. The idea of building teams was so intriguing to me. I, however, didn't want to play like the common user -- I wanted to skill play. I was also AWFUL at trading and I had no fifa idea the value of players because I didn't watch soccer/football. I couldn't afford gold players so I searched for 5 star silver skillers. I started building Brasilver teams before it was mainstream, before prices were expensive. Man-oh-man those were fun times. Nearly the whole team had 5 star skillers. Back then you have to understand that skill moves were incredibly effective. Not many people knew how to do it and it just bamboozled half of the opponents you faced. Plus the silver community was small and friendly to one another. Ever since then I love silver team building. Knowing that I could spend a fraction of gold premium cost, with a less rated team and still be able to destroy opponents was satisfying to me. The community from the game to the thread and finally to YouTube was generally respectful. For example -- let's say I started a game but had some random emergency before the game. If I couldn't make it on time before the whistle my opponent would score a couple. I would return to my opponent juggling the ball or something and he would then score on himself the same amount of goals he scored against me while I was away. The game wasn't necessarily about winning but about having fun. Don't get me wrong, there have always been trolls, especially in the gold community, but not like today.

I blame it on YouTube. When I first started playing there was a handful of YouTube channels. They were entertaining to view -- especially the compilation skiller clips. Now there are just too many. The popular ones aren't even good either -- I don't even know how they have so many followers. They don't trade up, they just for some reason have millions of fifa coins, all they do is yell, whine, etc. Do any of them even focus on the game itself anymore? Let me say this, QUALITY > QUANTITY. How often to you search YouTube and read, BEST PACK EVER, GREATEST TEAM EVER, blah, blah, blah. How often do you see thumbnails with explosion, user yelling, etc. There are just too many hungry viewing cheap channels everywhere. Ever since YouTube got involved FIFA's community has slowly turned into garbage.

I haven't played since FIFA 13 and I suck. I can't get my groove back. I also have an addicting personality, so ever since January I've been playing like no other. I just can't get used to all the changes on the controller. I also don't have a tactic or an effective play that I can safely use. Finally, I don't know what formation I like. I'm just so lost. I have a losing record and it's because i can't shake my rust and also because, in my opinion, silver players are no longer as effective as they used to be. That's all I play with but I won't change.

Opinions and advice is appreciated.

Ayew. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Solid team. Well balanced.

I change to a 4321 in game.

I like how it looks. Middle recovers so much. Top three is fun.

Dybala is the best silver striker I've used. He's just so much fun.

I try to have a least one 5 star skiller in each team. It's just more fun. Though there are some exceptions. Please post your successful silver teams. Actual team. No Futhead or other sites.

Thanks guys!

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