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Every match i play i ask myself am i in control of this match?well.. Unfortunately, it is impossible because of the phenomenon scripting.

The 12th FIFA player the "S" word

Fellow football enthusiasts 

Every match i play i ask myself am i in control of this match?

well.. Unfortunately, it is impossible because of the phenomenon scripting.

Scripting gives a advantage to the weaker player, to keep the match going.

so what kind of advantage are we talking about?

45' 90' minute comeback time

The opponent has untouchable attackers after he has been (highly) suppresses and will score the easiest goal

Your defender makes a perfect tackle but the ball bounces straight back to their attacker

Your oponent cannot score from open play so you strangely concede from a corner

this are just a few examples that will lead you towards your loses

I suggest to give the player the opportunity to shut it off

just like you should with to other assist options

people wants to experience real fair play

EA won't admit its existence and will shut this topic down.

but it doesnt mean that the issues are gone, people around the world are (still)experiencing this phenomenon.

so share your story and try to make our point clear.

without bad behavior to them and each other so we give no reason to close this topic. 

If EA still thinks it not worth looking the spite of the thoussands and thoussands reactions each year.

you have to ask yourself why this company wont take you seriously..

The time for righteousness has come

I have been playing fifa since 98, but i refuse to buy a new copy.

why should i spend each year 70 euro if its just a matter of luck?

so i can choose with which team i get lucky or not?

no thanks : )

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