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I had some suggestions that I would like to see in the next iteration of Fifa to diversify, improve, and freshen up the series. Does anyone have any comments to my suggestions or suggestions of their own?

Suggestions for Fifa 16

I had some suggestions that I would like to see in the next iteration of Fifa to diversify, improve, and freshen up the series. Does anyone have any comments to my suggestions or suggestions of their own?

1. Make Player Career more diverse:

Player Career just feels like a new camera angle of Manager Career. You get to create a player, grow him, and play in games. While this works for some people, this can definitely improve. I play Player Career because I want to feel like a professional soccer player. But right now it feels too similar to Manager Career. To fix this I propose that EA adds some sort of social feature that your player can interact in. I played MLB Power Pros years ago and the social aspects made the game fun. You could hang out with teammates, go out on dates, get extra practice in, and all sorts of stuff. Adding this feature into Fifa (with a little more depth) would bring the mode much closer to feeling like an actual Player Career mode rather than a repetition of playing games over and over again. Of course, it would be great to have a feature to turn this off if the player doesn't want to deal with this.

2. Make player salary important in Player Career:

As of right now, the salary in Player Career is only used to measure the quality of your player. It feels like an arbitrary number with no value or importance to your progression and just feels like a measuring stick. It would be great to see you actually spend this salary on things like houses, cars, better practice equipment, etc. That way, the salary you get from teams won't only serve as a measuring stick, but also motivation to want to improve your player and move up in the world. This could be heavily linked to Number 1 above to give your player purpose to move up in the world. You want that expensive sports car? Improve your player to catch the eye of teams that can pay you enough to get that car. You want to date this girl, but she rejects you because you don't have a big enough house? Ask for a pay raise so you can afford a bigger house.


Many of us who play manager career want to improve our teams over the long term. However, dealing with the board every year with their unrealistic expectations means that most likely we will get fired before we get that chance. I brought a Football League 2 team (AFC Wimbledon) all the way to the Premier League. After 12 Seasons, a great Youth Academy, a berth into the Euro League and avoiding relegation throughout my career, I finally got fired because I couldn't get into the Top Two in the table. That's a little unrealistic considering that I was playing in the Premier League, the FA Cup, the Capital One Cup and the Euro League Cup. I went deep into every cup and won the Euro League but finished 7th in the Premier League. I ended up getting fired and I never played manager career again. Having the option to turn off firings in Manager Career will make the game more appealing to people who just want to build a team or improve one they already love.

4. Make a "Create a Manager" with the same depth as "Create a Player":

The character creator in player Career is great and very in depth, but Manager Career doesn't have that. Manager Career doesn't even have multiple presets like Madden does with their Create a Coach mode. Every created Manager looks exactly the same, and that doesn't make sense. Your Player Creator is very good. How could it be so hard to import that to Manager Career? Yes, maybe the Managers look different when you retire your player (I haven't tried it yet) but why not just cut out the middleman and make that available from the start?

5. Allow us to create our own formations in Ultimate Team:

Currently, there is no easy way to create our own formations in Ultimate Team. When you first start with Ultimate Team, the mode is very easy. This is the perfect time to experiment with new formations for your squad. Additionally, this can diversify online games in the late stages of the match. If you're losing, maybe you should try 3-3-4 formation or another attack-heavy formation to try and equalize. If you are winning a match, maybe you could try the infamous 6-4-0 formation to make Parking the Bus easier. I'd love to see some of the formations people online would create and how they would adapt throughout a match to counter another player. This system could help players show off their creativity and can show different ways to play the sport instead of seeing the "meta" of 4-4-2 and 4-3-3 all the time online.

6. Give us the ability to create expansion teams in Career:

The MLS is currently growing at a very fast rate. Two new teams are being added for next season (New York and Orlando) and more are on the way. This begs the question "Why can't we create our own teams in Fifa?" This can apply to leagues to more than just the MLS too. The whole concept of the Relegation System is so that smaller clubs have the potential to work their way all the way up to the top league. It would be great to create our own teams in the smallest available league (i.e. Football League 2 in England) to replace a current team in the League to give the implication that the created team worked their way up to get to that league. Then we can work our created team up to the bigger leagues until we can see our team play against the most prestigious clubs in the world. Obviously there would be some problems like "Where would the replaced team go? Relegated to a league that doesn't exist in Fifa? How would they get back if the lower league doesn't exist?" As for the players in the created team, we can always fill the spots with Free Agents currently without a team. That way we can see the potential of unknown talent becoming some of the best in the world, growing with our team that we created.


Does anybody else have any suggestions for next year's game? Any comments for my suggestions?

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