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Thought about posting my findings playing mainly offline games (Professional & fifa World Class)

Single FIFA 15 Player Season Cups AI behavior and intervention

Hey guys, 

Thought about posting my findings playing mainly offline games (Professional & World Class

So everything below is regarding offline games only in Normal speed settings. 

I feel that my games are dictated by everything except my gameplay and it is obvious through the following: 

If I'm winning a few games in a row, say for example I go 4-0 up in the first two rounds of the cup or season: 

My fifa players start to lose their ability drastically

My players start to run much MUCH slower (Even when stamina is still high)

My players become unresponsive upon being passed the ball (No matter how hard you move the direction stick, they will not run toward the pass) and ends up in an interception by the CPU player 

This is the most obvious telling sign when I'm playing the AI is interfering in the gameplay

My CB's even set to stay back will push forward even though they're set to stay back creating a perfect opportunity for the CPU to do a long through ball at which my paciest RB & LB cannot catch the player even when they're dribbling with the ball

When tackling I can feel that there is an invisible barrier on my player making it way harder to get into a tacking space even after releasing the contain button

The button to request second player contain does absolutely nothing

Shooting (Even ronaldo) will misplace non-directed finesse shots, even in perfect angles

Skill moves hardly come off, even if at all. I need to do the combination of buttons much slower

To summarize I feel after a few wins in a row OFFLINE MODE only the CPU will intervene with extreme measures and its so obvious in terms of the player movement speed / tackling / shooting ability. 

This also makes my games I win (after sufficiently losing or forfeiting enough games) unsatisfying because I can feel the defenders hardly even trying to tackle me but on the other extreme they are solid bricks that can out sprint Bale. 

It's almost like they couldn't find a way to make the AI difficult without decreasing your own ability which is extremely frustrating when supposedly playing with the best players in the world. 

I usually play with these two teams swapping after each game: 

Please let me know if you have noticed any similar and note I only play offline as finding low latency games in my area is fruitless.

I cant believe it; final of the new years cup and halfway through the game its like it goes into extra-slow mode where everyone moves extra slowly, no passes can be completed with like half - 3/4 stamina remaining .... 

This isn't something you can just make up

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