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So I know that online in the FIFA community there has been a lot of discussion about how IF's don't play as good as NIF's, people hating on MOTM/SIF/TIF cards saying that they played dreadful

should i buy fifa player X over his NIF, is it worth the money?

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So I know that online in the FIFA community there has been a lot of discussion about how IF's don't play as good as NIF's, people hating on MOTM/SIF/TIF cards saying that they played dreadful. Youtubers such as KSI have come out and said IF's are just money grabs by EA for people who just want pretty teams. And if you go on FUTHEAD and look hard enough, you will find plenty of examples of players with higher card-stat rating then another having lower IG stats(as an example, look at IF Quaresma Vs IF Salvio).

I also noticed a huge amount of posts revolve around "should i buy player X over his NIF, is it worth the money?", followed by a topic full of opinion pieces which may or may not be completely biased, or from players whose skill level(or lack thereof) severely comprises their ability to make a rational argument to or for. I'm very much a fan of the modern trend of using analytics in modern sports; "Moneyball" was one of my favourite books years before the movie, and I've always felt until recently football lacked the kind of in-depth statistical feedback that other sports have(look at the multitude of team and individual stat criteria in baseball, A. football or hockey as an example).

What I decided to try out was I chose several test players in order to devise a system to evaluate a player's cost in direct comparison to the stats they bring to the table, in order to provide a statistical way of comparing players,devoid of any opinion or preference bias. I decided to refer to this as FIFA 15 Coins Per Stat(CPS for short). In short, it's a simple calculation using a players total IG stats and max cap.

I chose the following players to run as an example: Sanchez MOTM: 500K/ 2220 IGS= 225.23 SPC SIF:420K/ 2179 IGS= 192.75 SPC IF: 1110K/ 2114 IGS= 520 SPC NIF: 37.5K/ 2049 IGS= 18.3 SPC

Quaresma MOTM: 175K/ 2041 IGS= 85.74 SPC IF: 95K/ 1973 IGS= 48.1 SPC NIF: 5K/ 1902 IGS= 2.62 SPC Di Maria TOTY: 4000K/ 2369 IGS= 1688.48 SPC IF: 2900K/ 2199 IGS= 1318.78 SPC NIF: 47.5K/ 2153 IGS= 22.06 SPC Danilo SIF: 180K/ 2284 IGS= 78.81 SPC IF: 120K/ 2227 IGS= 53.88 SPC NIF: 7K/ 2162 IGS= 3.2 SPC Messi: TOTY: 5400K/ 2341 IGS= 2306.71 SPC SIF: 3800K/ 2244 IGS= 1693.4 SPC RB: 4000K/ 2214 IGS= 1806.68 SPC IF: 5800K/ 2167 IGS= 2676.51 SPC NIF: 2300K/ 2111 IGS= 1089.53 SPC

As you can see, I have charted all the various variations of a player. For obvious reasons the NIF of every card will have the lowest value, but I was not surprised to see that the statistical improvement of IFs was overshadowed by their ballooning costs. Also, as an example you can see that for Messi's price you are basically paying a premium of coins in order to have "Messi" despite the fact that technically NIF ADM is a more well balanced player. Also unsurprisingly is that players like Danilo are extremely cost-efficient due to the fact that his card has high rated stats in every category, whereas a Messi is brought down heavily by his low defensive stats, stamina and strength.

How this can be taken to the next level? I think this could be a very powerful tool for users on a budget; it gives you an objective way of comparing different tiers of IF's and determining the best choice for your budget/needs. While I realize, as an example, that this cannot be used independently and has limitations due to some of the players not having appropriate cap ratings, I believe it could be an excellent tool when comparing either 2 different players or two different versions of a card, in order to make a conscious, statistical decision based in facts and not opinion. I would love to see FUTHEAD have something like this so that players would not have to do the maths themselves.

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