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FIFA Ultimate Team is a football simulation game for Xbox, Playstation and PC. Over the last few years there have been many iterations of FUT and the latest being FUT15 which was released at the end of September 2014

Requesting that EA provide an FIFA ultimate team of superstar players of our chosing free of charge

FIFA Ultimate Team is a football simulation game for Xbox, Playstation and PC. Over the last few years there have been many iterations of FUT and the latest being FUT15 which was released at the end of September 2014.

I am the father of two boys and I decided to spend a few months learning about and playing FUT15 with my children after I saw how fanatical they had become about it's impending release. I was hoping the game would be a richly rewarding hobby for my children. I imagined them studiously learning all they can about the game mechanics and the techniques required to play good football. Learning about all the football clubs and football players from all over the world and playing with them was going to be a lot of fun.

Unfortunately EA do not adequately explain major features of the game. Instructions are almost non-existent making it impossible for the average person to become skilled at the game. I'd guess that less than 5% of the millions of players who play FUT15 know how to use many of the features in the game. Often players don't even know enough to be able to build and use a squad of players that will work well together. EA has had many years to provide copious amounts of instructions to satisfy even the most ardent student of the game.

FUT15 is rated PEGI 3 which is supposed to be suitable for everyone however a major aspect of the game is a lottery style gambling system and it's function is to distribute players into the game's ecosystem. Packing sessions are frequent activities in the FUT community which basically means opening a bunch of packs one after the other with the hope of finding a valuable player or consumable. There are even special events championed by EA where they encourage us to gather virtually to open a massive number of packs together.

The game has a built-in store where we can purchase FIFA points which are used to pay for the packs we can open. Every pack we open brings hope of finding the players we want to play with or sell on the built-in transfer market. The store sells various amounts of FIFA points and the maximum we can buy at one time is 12000 FIFA points which costs a staggering £79.99. I fell into the trap of allowing an inordinate amount of money to be spent on FIFA points. My children were abundantly positive that they would find Messi or Ronaldo in one of their packs so it was going to be worth it.

We spent hundreds of pounds buying FIFA points to open packs but we weren't lucky enough to find Ronaldo or Messi or the other superstar players in the game. It took some time before I realised my trust in EA was misplaced. I researched online and I learned a lot about the injustice of the lottery style gambling system. I'm like most people in our society where I have a trusting nature. As far as I was concerned the money spent on FIFA points should have been well spent. My children and I were looking for the superstar players so that we could enjoy playing for almost a full year until FUT16 is released. I had no idea how addictive the gambling aspect of the game would be for my children and neither was I expecting us to suffer the extreme disappointment of the pack system's player distribution. The distribution of high rated players is so badly weighted that it unequivocally prevents us from owning the highest rated superstar players.

EA advertising suggests we should open packs to find superstar players and use them to build our ultimate team. They suggest we can build the team we've always dreamed of but we have found that to be impossible. A small percentage of customers perhaps even less than 1% will be lucky to find Ronaldo or Messi in a pack and it's even harder to find a legend player in a pack. The majority of customers are unlikely to ever experience the joy of building a team full of highest rated superstar players.

My children and I feel we have been cheated out of the money spent on FIFA points and we are extremely dissatisfied with the end product.

FUT15 has a built-in transfer market which we use to buy and sell players and consumables. The game has only been available for a few months and already the prices of popular players have become massively inflated by rogue automated price fixing programs. The owners of these automated price fixing bots decide the minimum price of each player and the prices rise even further when humans become involved in the bidding. These bots are also much quicker than humans when buying players that are listed at a fixed price. The bots are relentless in their pursuit of profit with unequivocal disregard for the well-being of the FUT community. It has become very difficult and in some cases impossible to afford the players we want to use in the game.

Another bugbear is EA's inadequate support policies where satisfactory resolutions are not forthcoming. EA's support policies have resulted in customers believing they do not have the right to a satisfactory resolution. I often see a defeatist attitude in the FUT community. Many of the players are children or people who don't know their rights and they are being bullied by EA's unsatisfactory support policies. EA have been doing it for a long time and defeatist attitudes have become an accepted every day occurrence.

Often customers are required to wait weeks or months for a patch to fix serious issues in the game or an offer of compensation for a fault or glitch that has caused problems. Many customers have published the compensation offers they have received from EA support representatives. For example a customer who had lost 130K of in-game currency due to a glitch in the game was offered seven free packs and once opened the customer ended up with only a tiny fraction of the 130K he had lost. To put it into perspective some players can earn 130K quite quickly because they play and win a lot of games or they are ruthless at trading. For others it would take months to accumulate that much in-game currency. Another customer had his account hacked and it took months before he was given over a million FIFA 15 coins that had been stolen from him.

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