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EA has unveiled new kits for FIFA 17 Ultimate Team designed by artists involved with the game – and the results, as you might expect, range from gear you’d love to wear to an actual match, to sub-Sunday-League fodder.

Ranking new FIFA 17 Ultimate Team kits: from the sublime to the Kasabian

EA has unveiled new kits for FIFA 17 Ultimate Team designed by artists involved with the game – and the results, as you might expect, range from gear you’d love to wear to an actual match, to sub-Sunday-League fodder. 


The mega-publisher says that in order to get your hands on these strips you can, “complete squad building challenges, perform well in FUT Champions on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, or simply pre-order the game.” But are they worth your time and/or money? We’ve ranked them from worst to first, to help you decide… 


7. Kasabian 


They say… “I've been playing FIFA for about six years. My love of skeletons is the main inspiration behind the kit, and my favourite element is the bones. [Sergio Lorenzo Pizzorno]


GR+ says… Bit plain. Bit unimaginative. Plus, y'know, it has ‘Kasabian’ written across it in large letters. 2 stars


6. Damian Marley 


They say… “A very good feature we should have in the game is to have my locks tucked into a backpack. My locks is so long now that when I play if I don’t put it in a backpack I would step on my hair. It gets in the way. THAT WOULD BE DOPE IF THEY CAN WORK THAT INTO THE GAME?!?!” 


GR+ says… Decent work from Bob’s lad, only hamstrung by the lack of a badge or logo. 3 stars


5. Kygo


They say… “My favourite element is easily the signature paint swish on the back where the players' names are. Mr. Brainwash created it for my album cover and it’s pretty awesome to see it featured on my own FIFA kit now!” 


GR+ says: Bright and summery. Might actually choose to wear this outside of the house. After 9pm, obvs. 3 stars


4. Zedd


They say… “The inspiration behind my signature kit design was TRUE COLORS. That’s my album and entire campaign. I think you can express a lot of emotions through colors and I always feel like jerseys are fairly boring so I wanted to create something a little bit more interesting. It ended up, as you can probably guess, pretty colorful.” 


GR+ says: Looks like someone vomited up a glitterball, and yet it’s still oddly mesmerising. Genuinely kind of want one. 3.5 stars


 3. Angelo Trofa 

They say… “I always try to find icons or reference details for each design – this can be something historic to the club or nation or even a past kit feature. It’s these things which I try to build the design around, which in turn become my favourite aspect.”


GR+ says… Lovely get-up – which, ironically, strongly recalls the editing options in PES’s PS2 heyday. Wasn't this once a West Midlands City away strip? 4 stars


 2. Emilio Sansolini


They say… "I tried to design kits that stand out from the usual kits we usually see in the world of football. I guess that FIFA players want to see something different and try always to find original and creative kits. That was my intention and I hope FIFA players like them."


GR+ says… All of these look smart and professional – this may be first time ever a brown football strip could be called stylish. Gimme. 4.5 stars 


 1. Major Lazer


They say: “Apart from the general look of it, the specific design element I really like is the World Peace logo on the shorts. It’s a symbol that Major Lazer have been using as a mission statement and logo on all our stuff." [Ferry Gouw] 


GR+ says: A work of beauty, better than half the Prem kits on show this season. Can I have it in career mode too, please? 5 stars 

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