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Sales of FIFA 17 during its first month of launch are up 13% over FIFA 16‘s one month sales, EA has announced in its latest Earnings Call.

Opening Month Sales of FIFA 17 Up 13% over FIFA 16

Sales of FIFA 17 during its first month of launch are up 13% over FIFA 16‘s one month sales, EA has announced in its latest Earnings Call.


EA has said that one of the reasons sales were up compared to last year was the introduction of the new story mode, The Journey, which nearly 2/3 of all FIFA 17 players, spanning 183 countries, have engaged in. As a result the publisher says that The Journey has helped bring 20% more players into FIFA 17 during its first week than FIFA 16 managed.


The Journey has proved to be extremely popular with over 178,000 matches being played per hour between September 24th and October 24th on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, equalling more than 124 million matches played in total for that time period. During the course of that month, 164 million goals were scored by players in more than 180 countries. That’s some pretty impressive stats.


Revenue generated through another of FIFA‘s popular game modes, Ultimate Team, has seen an increase of 23% year-on-year making it an extremely profitable game mode for EA. Over 366 million matches have been played in Ultimate Team in FIFA 17 across all platforms.


Not long after FIFA 17 launched, it was revealed that week one sales of the title were up 18% on FIFA 16, making it the best-selling week one FIFA game, surpassing FIFA 13‘s record.

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Just to let you guys know Price Ranges are not the solution as they're not allowing people to attain players. It has also made fifa coins so much cheaper than they were before which does not benefit you in anyway


I prefer the tempo of FIFA 16

FIFA 17 they will say they have fixed passing and control of players and will break something else. I said this last year about when they release FIFA 16


Genuinely good idea for FIFA 16 imo

I was thinking EA could remove the ability to buy packs with coins so we don't flood the market if another ridiculous amount of fifa coins somehow became available to everyone. Now obviously while all are reading this, you probably already think this is a bad FIFA idea; however..

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