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However FIFA has over time become ever increasingly dependent on pace and less on actual movement and positioning. They often think the two are the same when they are not. Dimitar Berbatov was a great striker

only 5 star games available in FIFA seasons and often none there

Seasons started to take an appreciable dive since the 2010 - 2011 season. At that time the 4 major leagues all had very solid squads and there was a wealth of viable teams to choose from. England had its traditional 4, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal and at that time Manchester City had recently aquired new ownership so they were also an emerging team. Spurs were also a solid option. While Juventus had at the time been recently promoted due to match fixing issues they as well as both Milan teams were formidable forces, Inter Milan had just come off a CL win and AC Milan had a very strong squad, Napoli was also a very good team and Roma was as well.

Germany unfortunately has always been as little lopsided with Bayern Munich being the only real potent team back then, the Borussia Dortmund project was in full swing and you could get away with using them, Goetze was but a budding reserve back then rated at only 65 and none of the BVB household names had grown into their own yet. Schalke had a lot of the stars of other teams back then, Neuer, Rakitic, Rafinha were all Schalke players at this time and they were the only other 5 star team in the German league.

Spain has always had its traditional 2 giants though this was an era dominated by Barcelona Real Madrid had always had a monstrous squad, Casillas in his prime alongside the Ronaldo's the Benzema's emerging Marcelo's etc. Valencia was also in its prime then boasting the likes of David Villa and Silva as well as players like Juan Mata. Villarreal also had a very good squad as well, names like Diego Lopez now at Madrid, Diego Godin (A. Madrid), Llorrente (Juventus), Nilmar and Santi Cazorla(Arsenal) were Villarreal players.Malaga was also a good team.

The requirements for being 5 star teams weren't as high back then and as such there were a lot of them around and football at that time was generally a more level playing field. So you had 4 five star teams in Spain, 5 five star teams in England, 3 in Italy 2 in Germany and a host of solid 4 and a half star teams that were still able to compete like Roma, BVB, Porto, Benfica etc.


Fast forward a few years and both Milan teams failed to re - invest in their aging squad and a LOT of Spanish players have moved to either Real Madrid or Barcelona or to England. The likes of several teams have emerged with near unlimited resources and the disparity between several clubs has insreased. Arsenal has slowly declined since their invincibles era, Liverpool never replaced the likes of Mascherano or Alonso and Ferguson papered over cracks in an average United squad. EA had to mirror this in FIFA.

However FIFA has over time become ever increasingly dependent on pace and less on actual movement and positioning. They often think the two are the same when they are not. Dimitar Berbatov was a great striker, he however was not overly fast but his movement was impeccable. Moreover people have become ever increasingly lax in their programming and as a result things that should serve to enhance the overall quality of gameplay either serve as exploits or do not work properly e.g. Sliders and the offside trap

Since the vast majority of players who play seasons are concerned with winning only it turns into the teams best suited to take advantage of the game's flaws which are inevitably 5* teams.

To combat this EA has papered over the crack by segregating teams based on team rating. 5 star teams will first and foremost play 5 star teams. Only after an extremely exhaustive search will it ever pair you with a lower star rated team, inversely if you are a 4.5* star team it will only attempt to pair you with another 4.5* star team and after an extremely exhaustive search pair you with a 5* team. The problem is there are usually only 5* teams online and as such if I pick Chelsea, the team I support in real life 99% of the time I will get paired with Real Madrid or Barcelona, which I have no problem with but it gets old. I will on the odd occasion get a Juventus or United player and rarer still a Bayern Munich player which speaks volumes since Bayern are the second best team on the planet.

I can count on one hand the times I've played an Arsenal or Manchester City team and I have run into Atletico Madrid 4 times across 800 games on seasons.


I have never seen Roma or Porto online, never seen Spurs and whenever I use these teams I never find a game. I personally miss the days where I could dominate a midfield with an Italian team or stifle a game with Atletico.

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