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Good Music, Official Fifa 16 Song

Official Fifa 16 Song

Good Music

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HaPpTiC's Best Trading Method explained ! Avg:150k-300k fifa coins daily

This time I will just straight out just share my trading method that makes me quite a lot of coins daily and have shared with my followers on twitch. It's effective and the most important thing it's SAFE. Why you may ask?


Build the best fifa teams

Every year I buy fifa day one, can't wait to get on there play ultimate team try out all the best players and build the best teams.... But sadly the best teams and best players aren't actually the best FIFA players in game


Living pitches, emotional intelligence and improved goalkeepers - but has gameplay improved?

FIFA is a bit like Cristiano Ronaldo - you can pretty much guarantee it's going to hit the back of the net. But is it a stunning screamer from 30 yards or a scrappy finish?


How do I avoid conceding terrible fifa goals?

It's been a while since someone has scored a goal vs me that I've gone "yeah, fair enough, nice goal". All the goals I let it are crappy piles of rubbish. Last game I lost 2-0 to these goals


FIFA 14 by EA SPORT for iPad and iPhone

live every moment of real-world football mastery with EA SPORTS™ Football Club Match Day. Featuring 30 leagues, 500 licensed teams, and more than 15,000 fifa 14 players


FIFA 16 Rating Predictions 50-1

Hi guys. The official FIFA 16 top 50 player ratings begin to be released tomorrow so I will post my prediction of the top 50 and their rating. In brackets I will put a +/- compared to their position in last year's top 50.

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