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Good Music, Official Fifa 16 Song

Official Fifa 16 Song

Good Music

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Anyone with desame fifa issue?

I had this issue like a half year ago which EA fixed and it made me play this game a few months without any fifa issue, but now the bug is back and I can't buy anything while the TOTS squads are just announced..


only 5 star games available in FIFA seasons and often none there

However FIFA has over time become ever increasingly dependent on pace and less on actual movement and positioning. They often think the two are the same when they are not. Dimitar Berbatov was a great striker


Requesting that EA provide an FIFA ultimate team of superstar players of our chosing free of charge

FIFA Ultimate Team is a football simulation game for Xbox, Playstation and PC. Over the last few years there have been many iterations of FUT and the latest being FUT15 which was released at the end of September 2014


Is the worst FIFA I've ever bought

I've already said on here that this is the worst FIFA I've ever bought, as well as the worst online experience I've had with any game on any console. Even 14, another dreadful game, had a longer lifespan for me, headers and all.


EA release FIFA 17 free-kick tutorial after new style confuses the hell out of everybody

If you've been left a little lost by FIFA 17 's new way of taking free-kicks, then do not fear - you're not alone.


Love fifa this year, but anyone else confused about AI or experiencing the following

Hey guys, so I've been playing about 15 games so far and over-all I LOVE the pace, the passing and the over-all feel of the game this year.

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