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Good Music, Official Fifa 16 Song

Official Fifa 16 Song

Good Music

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Any way to fight this fifa BS online exploit?

So I just had a game against one of the biggest jerks in the fifa game apparently.


Virtual Pro - FIFA Assists not registrering

Let me just add that World Class in VP-mode works okey, but legendary is completely unplayable. The opposition is supposed to be better


Is Bale a one season wonder type FIFA player?

He's a good fifa 15 player but nowhere near the best and it seems as if a lot of his hype came from his time at spurs where imo his performances were overrated.


Random FIFA 15 backstory

Fast forward to now having not played anything but FIFA clubs in 2 years.Kept like 15 clean sheets in a row, headers galore. Fun times.


Louis Tomlinson spends nearly £6K on a 'cheat' for football game FIFA 15

The soccer-mad pop star has bought virtual coins on the gaming black market so he could improve his FIFA 15 squad, but the transaction is forbidden by game-maker EA Sports, which considers it to be cheating.


CLUB RESET and more than 400€ worth of FIFA points appeared out of nowhere

Then i noticed those 45500 fifa points. When you think that 10.000 fifa coins costs 99.99€ in the game, you do the math. 5500 points would cost 54.98€

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