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Sure it will stop FIFA coin buying/selling quite well but I've worried about quite a few things.

Not sure this new FIFA 15 price range will work

Sure it will stop coin buying/selling quite well but I've worried about quite a few things.

Bad points:

1) Do we really trust EA to get this right? They haven't got much of a track record and this is very ambitious, it could be a disaster!

2) Are these prices ranges locked or do they vary over time? Otherwise in forms who have been in the game several weeks will soon become extinct at relatively low prices.

3) Is this going to lead to panic selling and cause my in forms to crash in price and thus I lose all my hard work this FIFA and have nothing to spend during TotS? 

4) Does this mean TotS players will be cheap?

5) I guess we will never be able to win a great player for really cheap on bids anymore!

6) This will make it far harder to trade because it tells people exactly how much a player is worth whilst before only knowledgeable people had this advantage.

7) Those people who have already FIFA 15 Coin bought their teams will be at a massive advantage as nobody else can realistically hope to build a team to match them.

This definitely means we will never see trade offers ever again as it would provide a work around for coin selllers. 

Good points: 

1) Now if someone wants to buy a lot of coins then they need an expensive player! Coin selling won't be impossible but it will be very, very impractical. No more pay to win. 

2) As a consequence of the above, my match coins will be worth much more.

3) Now the game will be more about playing, less about trading.

4) Less out of control inflation of FIFA players as was the case with SIF Pogba etc.

So all in all, without knowing the exact details it is hard to say exactly if this is good or bad!

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