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My worst is when players just run at me with pace. I may as well put the pad down because I can't stop them. One small change of direction and they've gained 10 yards on my defender before I can even react.

Need serious FIFA defensive help

Honestly guys I'm just so bad at defending that it's making me not want to play anymore.

On a scale of 1-10 I'd say I'm about a 6 or 7 in terms of attacking, I feel reasonably OK on that side of my game.

But my defending is like a 1 or a 2.

I normally dominate possession, like 55-60%, but will normally have about a third of the amount of shots as my opponent. It's really frustrating how easily opponents create chances against me.

Players just run at me and do sudden direction changes, leaving my defenders for dust. I feel I'm losing out because I'm manually selecting my defensive players and attempting tackles.

My worst is when players just run at me with pace. I may as well put the pad down because I can't stop them. One small change of direction and they've gained 10 yards on my defender before I can even react.

I'm sure there must be something very simple I'm missing. I honestly feel that if I could defend I'd actually be pretty decent at the game and be a lot less frustrated but it's completely ruining any potential enjoyment I get from the game. You just can't consistently win when you routinely concede 2 or 3 per game, and not even good goals.

Any tips anyone before I lob the console out the window?

EDIT: Oh, and the really annoying thing is that when I try to run at a defence, every player without fail just sticks to my attacking player like glue. no matter which way I turn, whether I do fifa skill moves, I'm just shadowed constantly. What the hell am I doing wrong that (it seems) everyone else that plays this game can manage?!

I should add, I'm not some 12 year old who's never played FIFA. I've been playing FIFA since FIFA97. I'm not new to the game or gaming in general. I seem to be the only one who can't defend since the patch, I swear I concede more since the patch, where everyone else says how easy defending is.

I try to do that, but literally players just dart past me before I can even react. It takes me longer to switch to the right player and try and position him than it takes for my opponent to change direction and sprint past me. I honestly don't know what I'm doing wrong.

I can't believe that having played FIFA for 15 years, I have no idea how to play the game. But it genuinely feels like everyone else knows some secret way of playing that's different to what I do.

I play people who can barely string two passes together but it doesn't matter because I just can't stop them running past me with the ball. But when I try and run at their players with pace, either my attackers are just so sluggish that 60 pace defenders can catch them, or they just literally mirror my every move, even when I do skills, which suggests to me that the AI is controlling that player and not them, because there's no way you can mirror every direction change in a skill combo manually.

It feels like I'm being penalised for trying to defend manually, and time standing tackles etc.

I have also noticed that NO-ONE does standing tackles. Players just run into me and steal the ball, again indicating to me that the AI is doing their defending and not them.

I feel like I am at a disadvantage because of the way Im used to defending after all these years (i.e. trying to manually defend)

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