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EA town down assisted!!!! let them experience fifa players tripping... poor touches.... misplaced pass... players running into each other (and i mean in practically every match... not just every now and then)...

Manual vs Assisted taking FIFA and us players to the next level

FIFA... its a game with an age rating 3+... so i understand assisted is needed!

but as a manual player.... being blatantly cheated because my opponent uses assisted is infuriating!

imagine... your trying hard play the game... a simple square ball is marginally behind the player, they have a poor touch and so your chance goes missed... i accept this.... but then your opponent picks up the ball... launches it across the pitch to a player not even visible on the screen... this perfect ball is met with one perfect touch past your defender and its smashed into the back of the net... this i hate.

i dont mind losing... but if im gonna lose i wanna lose on fairer terms than this. unfortunately there are nowhere near enough manual players that i can only play manual vs manual. i have played 95% manual vs assisted in seasons and thats fine.

but seriously... the level of assistance needs to be toned down. assisted players have virtually no level of inaccuracy. when playing the ball out there is almost no risk of a misplaced pass.... your given much better tackling abilities... your goalkeepers act better... your player touches are better... and you even win a free kick by tackling me... i mean seriously... i have conceded over 10 free kicks by being tackled!!! how the frank underwood is this possible?????

EA town down assisted!!!! let them experience players tripping... poor touches.... misplaced pass... players running into each other (and i mean in practically every match... not just every now and then)... having to actually correctly aim and power a lobbed ball over the defence... it is nowhere near as easy as you currently have it...

BUT... can you please stop being ridiculous with how the manual power reacts for passing. half the time it doesnt matter how you power up a pass... tap it and the ball goes flying.... power up and the ball barely moves! i do wonder if you devs have ever played with manual.

i aint trying to rage in excluding assisted... im just trying to say stop making it sooo easy for assisted fifa players! assisted should be manual with a hint of extra help.... but most importantly i firmly believe all shooting should be pretty much manual. its not fair that you can score without even aiming at the goal. by all means make it look close... but dont let it go in!

my reasons are this.... any other game out there.... if your good you do well... assistances may help you but ultimately hold you back! in a racing game braking assist means you lose time but crash less. in FIFA assistance helps you crash less and fly round faster! this aint fair!

if you want to just chill with FIFA thats fine... but those pushing to be good and wanting the season wins lets make things more skilled and interesting! bring out real player influence and creativity!

not many will agree.... few will even read this... and EA will probs make manual even harder next year and assisted easier.... but at least i got my rage out there lol.

if this was 9gag i would end with a pic of a giant potato.... but this isnt... sorry.

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