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Hey guys, so I've been playing about 15 games so far and over-all I LOVE the pace, the passing and the over-all feel of the game this year.

Love fifa this year, but anyone else confused about AI or experiencing the following

Hey guys, so I've been playing about 15 games so far and over-all I LOVE the pace, the passing and the over-all feel of the game this year.

However, I have been noticing a really strange behaviour from my AI. Essentially it seems like 75% of my games my AI refuses to place themselves into good positions for intercepts or open passes. Right as I power up my pass and direction, the intended receiver will run behind an enemy opponent, meaning my pass goes straight to the enemy. Almost as if to ensure he doesn't receive the pass. My AI will run around in circles and out of the way of strikers when defending or will slow down and not make runs into the box when attacking.

Then I have had a few games say 25% where it's the exact opposite, I almost feel like my AI is unstoppable. Always making perfect interceptions without my having done anything, running super fast to receive the ball; always in amazing scoring positions etc.

Basically I'm only ever 1 person out of 11 on the pitch, the rest is controlled by AI so when they purposefully refuse to play it makes it MUCH harder to contend. It's as if the game is either choosing to hand hold you to success or trip you to failure.

For instance short passes will almost always land at an opponents feet even when they are near me, or the ball will literally be passed in a completely wrong direction, counter to my input. Often off by more than 45 degrees ore more! While my opponent can ping crazy long driven passes or short passes with utmost accuracy. Heck even when I'm defending I'll Jockey right into a player and somehow he get's passed me but when It's my turn, I can't use LT/L2 to defend the ball when he's anywhere near me. Until it's one of those games where it's the opposite.

Almost like the AI has an ON/OFF switch.

What I don't understand is why the discrepancy? I have a 77rated team 100% chem! Custom tactic, recommended by a Youtuber. All makes sense, yet somehow this huge discrepancy in the way my AI/Team plays.

Does this have to do /w lag?? I'm on a 250MB/s connection in Canada.

Does this have to do with some sort of Home thing or Form?

Anyone else noticing this?

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