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Defending became more FIFA skill based and unforgiving. Striking was less about spamming trick moves (although still very effective) and more about momentum and slick passing

Latest Patch has ruined fifa 15 ps4

I cannot believe this latest patch and how it has ruined the flow of the game. Unlike many, i was okay with this iteration and found overall that it was my favorite fifa to date. Defending became more FIFA skill based and unforgiving. Striking was less about spamming trick moves (although still very effective) and more about momentum and slick passing. More than ever you could split defenses and release speedy players which has been exhilarating. I use arsenal exclusively and finding ways to beat the regular go to teams has been a lot of fun.

If nothing else this one nerfed crossing and headed goals as the best way to score which is by far the best balancing to date.

In every fifa I've consistently won the 1st division in seasons mode (not ultimate team) so I'm no mug. I've also given this patch a week before posting to let it settle in.

After this patch passing is sloppy and consistently confusing. I never had a problem picking a pass and now I've no idea why it is passing to certain players. Hold straight right with 2.5 bars and watch it pass it up? Wtf? It happens all the time.

Touches are consistently bad with fifa 15 players routinely seeming to find it difficult to run in a straight line without losing control of the ball.

Shooting is also more inconsistent when all that needed changing was OP near posts shots and long distance shots sometimes ridiculously beating keepers.

I would die happy if EA would just roll the game back to the previous version and not screw with it until fifa 16.

I don't understand why every fifa seems to go through several nightmarish patches. It is so obscenely frustrating. Who the heck is testing these things before rolling them out? Hire a few talented FIFA players to proof your system or create a closed beta group and let the players give you constructive feedback, because however you do your testing it clearly isn't working when you can roll tripe like this out.

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