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Let's make no qualms, some of the players whom on FIFA 15 were cheaper are alot more expensive on this one

Just wondered what peoples general view on FUT Draft is?

Having been on the Beta and done a couple of them online on this game im really not a huge fan of the Draft Mode.

When the concept of it was announced i initially felt it was a pretty decent idea and it certainly freshens the game up.

You get to use some players you may well not have chance to normally.

Overpriced? Yes certainly.

For the couple of Draft teams i have put together, i have struggled both times to actually put together a team which has a full or near to full chemistry team. I know people will say chemistry doesn't matter.

I feel it's somewhat i disadvantage that you could potentially have weakened players for key positions where as an opponent may have a fairly decent one.

In my last match i had Ospina in goal which i couldn't even get him on full chem and my opponent had David Seaman who pulled off save after save.

Go a goal down and then you could find yourself in a right struggle to then get back into it.

But what i feel has disappointed me the most is that it's plain to see that the quality of packs has gone right down.

Is this so people will turn away from using regular FUT and play Draft because the struggle to get the top end players is more difficult.

Let's make no qualms, some of the players whom on FIFA 15 were cheaper are alot more expensive on this one.

Granted some players like Costa, Lewandowski, Aguero to name a few are going for around same price as would have been this time last year. But you would be hard pressed to find any 85 rated player or 83 rated player for that matter who is under 20k fifa 15 coins from the BPL.

For the time being im going to stick with the normal game. Although im in no way putting in like i did last year as its really not give me any lure to do so.

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