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And why can't we have two player Career modes? Would that be too difficult for EA I wonder? I still can't quite believe this a game for the ps4, a next gen console and game with school boy errors on it.

In my Career FIFA mode it seems the further you get in the game the more buggier it becomes

I like to have games where there is bit of bit to it and can honestly say I count the times on one hand where I finished playing game thinking 'that was good'.

I did have one game recently where 3 people got booked per side and was really good but these are not the norm and usually you get these disappointing bugs that are just so frustrating.

Players fallen over, bumping into you, Ref blocking you, CPU blocking you or even where you are running clear on goal the game has your team mate running directly in front of you and won't get out the way.

I have seen balls come over in mid air then change direction. Goalkeepers that refuse to pick the ball up when it is at their feet and no it isn't from a back pass. They just stand there.

Refs forgetting what a foul is. Personally I like to see a lot of cards as this reflects reality but I can appreciate that it must be tricky getting this right as you might get too many sending offs but where it isn't tricky is the foul in the first place. I'm not saying the Ref has got to be 100% all the time but when my player has the ball and the CPU comes from behind and takes my players legs under him and then plays on, this is not football it is more akin to Ice Hockey.

I'm sure the offsides are wrong. My Attacker had possession of the ball and my other Attacker was in an offside position. The ball was still in my possession and had not been passed. The other attacker got back to an onside position where the other attacker passed him the ball. the ref gave offside. I have had this happen loads of times.

Where do EA get there rules of football from? I have said before they should get an ex Ref to have input on the game then we might even see the obstruction law come in.

The financial side of the career mode is a mess, where have they got the info from? I won the league cup in England and got £51k prize money, £51k FIFA 15 Coins!!!! I spent 2 minutes googling that it should be £900k. listen to your researchers EA or get new ones. In every part of Career mode there are bugs, even the commentary is buggy as hell. When you get the fixture list read out for example every team is in 2nd position, this is just one of many.

Project Cars is a game that has involved the community from the start and going by the look of things are making a game EA could only dream of my point is though perhaps EA should involve the community who test the game and different modes of the game to see that they are not buggy like what they are now. Instead they just concentrate on fut.

I have nothing against fut even it isn't for me but when the mode starts affecting the other modes in a negative way then perhaps they should have a rethink.

IMO they should cut out fut and sell this as a separate game maybe with online modes as well and then sell Career mode on it's own or with tournament mode and then maybe we might get a decent game out of it whatever your preference this is assuming that it isn't buggy.

And why can't we have two player Career modes? Would that be too difficult for EA I wonder? I still can't quite believe this a game for the ps4, a next gen console and game with school boy errors on it.

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