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FIFA 17 they will say they have fixed passing and control of players and will break something else. I said this last year about when they release FIFA 16

I prefer the tempo of FIFA 16

The advantage the other player has on me is astonishingly obvious in so many ways! From the ability to pass, control the ball, shooting etc. the advantage is all theirs. Those of you that are loving it, I have to think you have a different FIFA cause this is not soccer by any stretch of anyone's imagination. I knew going into it I would regret buying this after the debacle that 15 is, god why didn't I listen to my instinct. EA cannot get it right, and never will.

The players feel like conference players, passing all over the place, ball control is horrible, even with top quality players the ball is bobbling about all over the place. Defending still feels bad, just more players now come to the ball and you win it back via a deflection. Average game has about 5 shots off the post. FIFA 15 was all pace with bad defending. Thought I would give FIFA 16 one more shot, terrible so far. Also every UT match feels like it lags, players don't react fast enough, like there is a delay.

I prefer the tempo of FIFA 16 but in my opinion they have now broken passing, ball control and players reaction to what you press on the controller, unless you play offline it feels more responsive.

FIFA 17 they will say they have fixed passing and control of players and will break something else. I said this last year about when they release FIFA 16, they will say its true next gen defending, and they have sold us a load of baloney about defend in confidence.....

I will do the same as last year, wait for a patch and if the issues are not fixed, I will sell it again on ebay. FIFA 13 was the last FIFA I really enjoyed.

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