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Currently I feel that the chances of a packing a higher rated player is the same for everyone, regardless of the division they are in on Ultimate Team seasons

I feel that the chances of a packing a higher rated fifa player is the same for everyone

Currently I feel that the chances of a packing a higher rated player is the same for everyone, regardless of the division they are in on Ultimate Team seasons, or the amount of offline and online tournaments they have won. This can lead to new or casual players packing higher rated or better players compared to hardcore and avid fans of the FIFA series, who may plays for hours, spend lots of money on points, and pack no-one good. I feel that an update to the game, that increased the chance of someone packing a higher rated player, based on the division they are in (Such as people in higher divisions, like division 1, 2 and 3) would produce a fairer, less luck orientated, and more competitive game.

For example, players who have made it to division 5 would potentially have a 5% increased chance of packing a player over 85 rating compared to someone who is still in division 9 or division 10. As the divisions get higher, the chances of packing a better player becomes greater, such as those players who have made it to division 1 have a 10% chance of packing a player over 85 rating in a rare gold pack.

This update would award and celebrate players who are skilled enough and have put in the time and effort to reach the highest divisions, would encourage more people (especially those in lower divisions) to play the game more and strive to achieve higher divisions, and would add another level of competitiveness to online play, as players would be playing to achieve higher percentage pack luck, as well as online points and the coin rewards associated with playing seasons. This update would also decrease the amount of luck that surrounds opening packs, as people who are generally better at the game would typically pack better players and be able to produce better squads, and those players who are less active on the game would have lower rated, and typically poorer squads, which is the way I believe the game should be. While increasing the chances of someone packing a good player the update would not take away the fun and excitement that can be had from opening packs, as the players included in the packs will still be random, and someone in division 10 could still pack the best player, and someone in division 1 could still pack the worst player in the game, despite this being slightly more unlikely.

Obviously if there was some consideration into implementing this update into the game a lot of testing would need to be conducted to ensure that the increased percentage of packing a better player based on the divisions that people were in was fair and evenly distributed. I am interesting in hearing what other FIFA Ultimate Team players think of this suggestion, and if they would feel it would be a positive addition to the game.

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