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with every game i played in fifa 16 i'm saying the same sentence to my self (i didn't pass there, why foul !!, how he intercept the ball, not logic, please control the ball man, ........)

I accept the evolution of the cpu team

but what i'm not accepting is decreasing the attributes & the ability of my team

i can't do a good passes while the cpu doing perfect passes easily

i can't do an one touch pass while the cpu doing it smoothly

i can't receive the ball in stable way without its jump in front of my player while the cpu receive the ball under pressure smoothly then turn and dribble or pass in one second

i can't change my player direction without slow reaction in the turning while the cpu can turn and change his direction as supernatural

i can't depend on my teammate as they haven't the ability to intercept balls as the super cpu

i can't depend on the switching as long as it's switch to the wrong players (freak)

i can't enjoy with this damn referee that show the yellow card with any touch


Not to mention crosses, through balls, dribbling, shooting,.....


it isn't logic that best players i had played with in real Madrid and bayern munich can't pass or receive the ball, that's joke

who can do that !!


with every game i played in fifa 16 i'm saying the same sentence to my self (i didn't pass there, why foul !!, how he intercept the ball, not logic, please control the ball man, ........)and many times i stop the game and watch the instant reply to see how the cpu did this movement or intercept the ball or why the referee give me a foul.


before i was enjoying the game, now i feel high pressure when i'm playing according to the horrible reactions and behaviors of my team and the poor agility for my players.i'm playing fifa since 98 but really this one made me crazy, the agility of the players and their reactions is sucks.


EA Sports, you cheated us in two ways:-

1) you didn't mention that there is a change in the gameplay, the mentioned wa some new features like interception, controlled tackling & smart through balls (which i didn't note in the game)

2) the demo was different than the final product.


so you show us & announced about a product and sold us a product had been tampered with


In short, the temporary solution is the equality

user team attributes (ability) = cpu attributes (ability)


I always read your posts and complaints about high pressure. Let me make it clear in real football teams either play passive football or total football. The teams that plays with the first style are going to sit back and hit you with the counter they are not going to commit tackle unless its a dangerous situation they are going to contain you all day long.


Now to the second and important part! To play total football, possession football call it whatever you want its necessary to retrieve the ball back ! Didn't Guardiola implement the 6 second rule, demanding a regain of possession within 6 seconds. Even the ex Liverpool coach did the same tactic I think it was 10 secs.. The point is there is a style of football which is pressing high up the field retrieve the ball asap many big managers used this tactic Guardiola, Cruyff and many.


The final part I've seen many fifa pros use the high pressure tactic even agge the previous fiwc champ always use it. Im not gonna say Im a pro. I didn't have any achievement outside my country been playing the game since 1998 in a minor country. I used last year high pressure on chelsea and played remy and Ramires as center backs to counter pace abuse this year pace is no longer a big factor implementing my style works much better why do you want to get rid of it and focus on passive football? Stamina wise ? I agree but don't get rid of high pressure or we are going to sit back and focus all night long on conatining which I dont know how. all my tackles are manual even if its in my penalty box thats why I concede a lot of penalties.


Even this year I press high and play total football you cant play this style if there's no high pressure system Im not going to sit back and play Mourinho style even if Im a chelsea fan.


My record was 269-16-16. 27 league titles out of 27 been a consistent top 100 player in seasons, top 100 in fiwc online seasons before fifa 15 due to the lack of time I'm no longer consistent. Since I lost hope of becoming a professional fifa player in a third world country I had to focus on other things. I would like to hear your thoughts if you agree or don't agree maybe you can convince me to play anti football "sit back and contain"..

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