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First in every game you start in FIFA there is 50% chance you will lose. Every time thats the percentage you are up against.. By that logic it is normal to lose 20 games in a row..

How poor the game is designed the FIFA OP is losing

Everyday I come here and half the threads are complaining about game mechanics and how because of how poor the game is designed the OP is losing..

First in every game you start in FIFA there is 50% chance you will lose. Every time thats the percentage you are up against.. By that logic it is normal to lose 20 games in a row..

Honestly I am thinking to issue a challenge but because I am not that good maybe FCB Benz can do it... I will have to talk to him to play against complainers without certain play styles ... Because lets sum it up against what kind of styles people complain.

-High Pressure Ultra Attacking

this is very recent complain and I dont want to comment it but its very absurd.. If you cant control and exploit this strategy to do a proper counter you have no place to complain. Still this is something teams use in real life when they want to score.. And people get tired try subbing in fast attacker in the second half and you will see he will get seperation from the defenders

_ High Pressure Ultra defensive

This is annoying but also many times use it in real life. Its harder to beat but I am sick of people complaining about it.

- Possesion football..

- Pace players . Again another absurd complain.. The only annoying thing I face is Doumbia but its not because of him but because of the playstyle people use... It is normal to defend hard against fast players.. Teams in real life struggle to contain Tevez/Ronaldo/Aguero/Messi every game..

- LB+Y

this is annoyin but its fifa for 10 years .. Get used to it

I have seen complains against Long Shots, Exploiting the wings and crossing.. Also complaining against short corner..

So please can someone tell me what is the proper #way to lose a game without complaining.. By the looks of it someone has to play Balanced not to pressure your players god forbid he tries to stop your attacks and he should play "fast passing football with using Klose/Negredo/Carrick and players like that. If he has good players - FIFA Coin buyer abuser..

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