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Can someone please explain how i can do this? I want to know how i can get 2-3 fifa players to literally bum into my opponents players so he is knocked off the ball.

How do i ram my fifa players into the opposing players?

Can someone please explain how i can do this? I want to know how i can get 2-3 players to literally bum into my opponents players so he is knocked off the ball.

Seems whenever i play this game my players literally want to stand there and ball watch and not even bother.

Where as some people really have the knack for exploiting the hell out of this game with the added ingredient of lag and then RKO the hell out of my players for 90 mins going unpunished.

I literally cannot tackle on this game its so so so frustrating it's unreal. Out of the last 3 matches 2 of them i have conceded poxy penalties for literally doing nothing. I do a forward facing tackle. But it would seem im not allowed to press tackle nor jockey. So what am i supposed to do when the players are inside my penalty area?

My opponents can literally man handle me it's bordering on for serious assault and i get nadda. Yet i can't even pass wind and im getting punished.

Its things like this which always make me question where is the actual fun in this game where results are taken out of my hands.

So many times i can seem like im throwing a kitchen sink at my opponent and his GK will save everything. Have mine and he will simply watch the ball trickle past him.

When is this game actually going to be dictated by who is actually the better player and not some over dramatised B.S. soap story i seem to see every match?

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