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Aguero - Unbelievable. Had him for months now and he's the first player i've ever hit 100 goals with on any FUT and i've played since 11 ( that maybe due to me always playing friends and on the old versions those goals were not counted on your record)

Hob's FIFA team review thread (with TOTYs)!

Okay so here's just my opinion on some FIFA players i've used. Obviously people will have different opinions due to play styles and team structures so just take it as what it opinion.

I can do other FIFA players if you want me to. Used a few legends and almost every top gold except Ronaldo.

Okay so this is what my team looks like in game after making two subs (i don't actually sub on Lahm as he starts at RB)

Aguero - Unbelievable. Had him for months now and he's the first player i've ever hit 100 goals with on any FUT and i've played since 11 ( that maybe due to me always playing friends and on the old versions those goals were not counted on your record). Smooth dribbling, obviously got the pace to run off the back of defenders and make those incredible runs. Works well for players who play a counter attacking style or even players who like to keep the ball and dribble. In fact he'll work in any type of style, he's that good. His finishing is second to none and he's the best striker i've used on the game.

Messi - He's amazing. His dribbling is out of this world. Yes he can be out muscled at times but his dribbling and pace allows him to get between defenders and get past them. If he has the space, then he's gone ahaha. Incredible shot, dribbling and good passing. What more do you want? Well worth the money and easily one of the best players i've used on the game. Anyone thinking of getting him, i'd say 100% get him. Well worth it.

Kroos - Smooth, smooth and smooth! His dribbling is brilliant, as is his passing. You can feel the pace upgrade however at times he can be over run by players online. But he has the tools to avoid that problem. He's the type of player where you don't have to rush your play or dribbling. Just give him the ball and slowly get past players through tight dribbling. Vastly effective. His set pieces are phenomenal. Everything about his card suggests he, along with the other two midfielders are the ultimate CAMs. And he plays like it. A good player to use if you like building up your play between quick passes. If your main focus is pace up top and just giving it to the strikers at every chance, this player may not be for you.

Yaya- Before i used Kroos, i always said him and Effenburg were the best midfielders i've used on the game. He has everything to be an amazing midfielder. Great passing, brilliant strength, good dribbling and can score some great goals with him as well. His defensive side is fantastic as well as i've used him as a lone DM before. His FKs are brilliant, just like irl. I've seen people on the forums say he isn't worth the money. Couldn't disagree more. You have to pay good money for the best players and he isn't that expensive and so worth the money. You'll have to go far to find a better midfielder than him tbh.

Di Maria - I've used him as a wide CAM in a 4222 and a central CAM in a 4231 (2) and yet he seems to be doing better for me at CM. He works so well in this team as he gives me width which i love and he links up so well with Messi and Aguero. A match made in heaven for him. His H/H work rates are a big factor in why he works well at CM in this formation as well. He's able to bomb up and down the pitch helping in both areas, something which is quite underrated in a team. I love his finishing and his dribbling is great. I haven't used SIF Silva, so for me he's the best CAM in the BPL. I played against Itani (the youtuber right?) and he was using TOTY Di Maria at striker with Aguero. Even though his stats look out of this world, i still think his best position is CAM. His passing, dribbling and shooting is everything you want for a player behind the striker (s). Another player well worth the 115k.

Lahm - I was so gutted when i found out he was going to be a RB. Always planned to use him in a midfield with Kroos. I ended up leaving him but last night i thought why not just move him in game? Ended up selling my main team and within an hour i was using him. The more games i play, the more he gets better. He is so smooth on the ball and his tackling is absolutely incredible. Yes he's small so he doesn't win as many header as you'd like but with another player next to him, that shouldn't be a problem. And trust me, he more than makes up for it with his defensive abilities. He got a massive pace upgrade which allows him to always move out wide into wing back positions if a player is out of position and needs more cover which is fantastic and just what you want when defending. His work rates can be annoying but he has the passing and dribbling attributes to make him successful going forward. Tbh he is the complete footballer. He's amazing to have. Loving using him and he links up really well with Kroos, Yaya and ADM. I was expecting him to be much more than 1.1mil tbh. Great price if you put him in the midfield.

Filipe- A great LB. Great for bombing up the pitch which i found extremely useful in this formation. Gave me the width i needed. Got the pace to continuously track back as well. Found him great defensively as well.

Luiz - Yikes does he look OP on the card. And yeah he is ahaha. He's amazing in the air and tackles everything. The times he doesn't produce defensively is when it's my own fault and defending poorly in terms of decision making. What i really loved about him as well as him being a rock, was the way he played with the ball. He's touch and passing is solid. He's a great ball playing CB which is really handy with the players i have in my team. Just like Lahm i wasn't expecting him to be as cheap as he was. Worth picking up if you got the coins. If he takes up most of your budget, don't bother. You'll get better value spending your coins on your attack and midfield.

Boateng- One of the best CB's on the game? Easily. He has everything. He's just class.

Carvajal - A great RB, one of the best i've used on the game.

Sirigu - Average gk at best. I've found GK's to be utter sh*te this year.

Like i said, i can review other players that i've used if you want lads.

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