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Then EA come out with the 91 (SIF) Ibra extremely soon after, and the purple card crashed down to 700k fifa coins. I picked mine up for 720k fifa coins, 1 day after the SIF Ibra release.

Hero Ibra is the best striker in the game

I never thought I'd have a chance to have Hero Ibra in my team this year. He was only out for one weekend, and at 1.5m, he was way out of reach.

Then EA come out with the 91 (SIF) Ibra extremely soon after, and the purple card crashed down to 700k fifa coins. I picked mine up for 720k fifa coins, 1 day after the SIF Ibra release.

This is the team I play him in (Mings goes at LB, took the screenshot while I was experimenting with Baines - IMO Mings is a beast): 

First of all, I am NOT a fan for first in form cards - the upgrades are usually not noticeable, and barring a position change, they are hardly ever worth the price.

Ibra is one of those exceptions. His NIF was already (arguably) the best striker in the game - some agreed, while some thought he was great but in the top 3, not first.

Put very simply, Hero Ibra is the best striker in the game (not counting SIF Ibra who I'm sure is even better) - he is like a wrecking ball, and no CB, no matter how rated can handle him.

Ibra is a player who it's easy to play well with at a first attempt - you can't play badly with him IMO. However, give him 15-20 games and as you get used to him, he is far more dangerous in an experienced hand.

I played 23 games with Hero Ibra scoring 27 goals and 7 assists. 3-4 of those games disconnected early. I never score more than a goal a game with any player, and this Ibra card is the exception - I can't tell you how many long shots I hit of the post, or were saved by ridiculous goalkeeper AI, but this could easily have been double the goals in the games. As I get better at FIFA 16, the ratio will rise.

His shooting is the best I have used in the game, and between 25 draft entries and seasons, I have pretty much used every single top rated player in the game. No one comes close to Ibra. His 4* weak foot is as good as a 5*. His shot power is insane, 9/10 even if the keeper saves it, it comes back up for a rebound. If Ibra is given even a little bit of space, it's either a goal or an attempt on target. Inside the box, he finishes everything - it has to be tried to be believed.

His Hero card boosts his passing, which is great for me as I play him as a false 9. His vision, and his passing as just awesome. He's not pirlo, but he's passes the ball better than my KDB NIF did. His free kicks, like toure's, despite the low 80's rating is ridiculous in game. There is nothing more dangerous than a 6"5 CF who can pass the ball well, and has the best shot in the game.

His physical and dribbling were already insane, and are boosted adequately here. His NIF had some of the best ball control I had ever used in FIFA and his hero card doubles down on that. No matter how hard the pass into Ibra, he controls it like he has a pillow on his foot. If 2 CB's are closing him down, his insane agility and dribbling will give you space to pass or shoot. Unless IF Boateng is on your opponents team, they pretty much have zero chance to push Ibra off the ball.

Is he a good investment? I don't know, and anyone who tells you they know in this market has an agenda. For me, I've used all the top players in Draft and seasons, and 2 players stood out for me as worth hundreds of thousands of coins - Bale (who is ridiculous) and Ibra. Of course CR7 and Messi are better but they are over a million. Ibra will have to do something insane to get a TIF.

All in all, my favourite card has been crafted lovingly for a purple hero edition. Feels like NIF Ibra on steroids, and especially for those of us that have used Ibra over multiple FUT's, I feel this is the last year he is going to be such an OP beast. I will use him and only him (if I ever get the luck to upgrade to a better Ibra i'd take it) this year in FUT, one last year with the greatest FUT player of all time, and in his swansong, EA have done justice to a great player with a great hero card.

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