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EA loves to reward coin-buyers with ALL, if not more of their FIFA points back.

Here are just a few things that make the fifa 15 and gameplay utter garbage

- Players get stunned when receiving the ball from a SOFT pass.

- Every pass is NOT where I want it to go, and most go to an offside player.

- I saw a thread earlier about possession tackling and yes, it's in the game. Unfortunately only strikers can do them.

- Players miss every **** 1v1s against the keeper, and every wide-open net.

- Every over the top through-ball is guaranteed a completed pass.

- EA are too incompetent to fix game stats such as pass accuracy, and shots / shots on target.

- EA are too incompetent to change price ranges, even when it should only take 10 seconds for every player that is extinct or at minimum.

- I press the tackle button for the purpose OF tackling, but instead of player chooses to either a) grab the opponent's shirt or b) register it as a shot and kick it out of bounds in my own third.

- Players can sprint the whole game, even when their stamina is in the red.

- I start a CLEAR game, and it puts me in a RAINY one.

- Instructions don't work, it looks like my CDM loves to play striker.

- Penalty calls don't work, my opponents keeper can smash right into my striker without touching the ball and according to EA it's clean.

- My opponent can kick the ball out of bounds and he gets a throw-in.

- EA loves to reward fifa coin-buyers with ALL, if not more of their FIFA points back.

- EA loves to reward players who ONLY have a through-ball button.

- EA loves to make me hit the post at LEAST three times per game.

- EA loves to switch the player I'm controlling even if I'm using manual switching.

- EA loves to make my players fall on their backs and not get up after 15 in-game minutes without being injured.

- EA loves to take an injured player off the pitch due to an injury and NOT let me know (offline).

- EA loves to make special cards preform worse than their NIF cards.

- EA loves to delay maintenances twice every time.

- EA loves to make card-weights crap to ENSURE people can't afford 99% of the good cards.

- EA hates to inform the FIFA community of what is happening behind the scenes during maintenance's or any other disruption to the game.

- EA love graphics more than the gameplay itself.

- EA loves to make people watch replays.

- EA loves to reward garbage players who don't even know the sport.


EDIT: Adding to the list:

- EA makes the game so it takes 30 seconds for a player to stop running from full speed.

- EA makes the game so it registers skill moves only a quarter of the time.

- EA is too incompetent to fix the catalogue.


Feel free to make your own list too.


Oh and, in before 'didn't read', good for you.

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