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The Aguero that I was helped to get by my build thread by donations & a couple guys who PM'd me on their own to help greatly just because. So now I feel bad for getting all that help to have EA screw me over

Help needed!!! FIFA Clubs gone

So yeah conclusion is I'm screwed. Have NOTHING! thanks ea

Bit of a long read but I have to explain the story lol...

Ok so last night after work I went on the web app, re-listed my items then went to bed. I go to sign on now & I get this...

(TouchMyAbs is my old GT before I switched over, but as you see up top it's my same Origin name. Idk why they don't use the new GT?)

WTF is going on here? I tried closing out & trying again, still nothing. Went on to console & same thing.

Let me first say before it's thought, I've never once bought coins as I think it's a waste of money to spend on this game. In fact the only money I've ever spent was a measly $30 on fifa points at the first week. So it's not a ban/reset for that.

I went to chat support & of course I got nothing but the usual useless "trouble shooting". Had me do the cache clear, cold restart the console & all that * & still the same thing. After going on n on we get no where of course so then "Imavi" (chat supporters name) asks this - "sir have you purchased coins from a non EA Supported website? As that is against our policy and is subject to an account banning"

My reply - No I have not ever purchased any coins, the only coins I've earned is from fifa points or via the transfer market.

Imavi - Well that's good then sir, thank you for not breaking any rules. I have provided the necessary trouble shoot steps, since you are still having this issue I will have to escalate this case to the Technical support team.

Blah blah blah you know how that goes... Tech support aka where cases go to die. I said so basically I have lost everything and have to start over, that's beyond unfair! 

He apologizes and says for my troubles he can be allowed to put 2 free gold packs in to my account. My response was basically, yeah because 2 free * filled packs will make up for losing my damn account!

Now my question to you guys is this. Do you think this is just an F up by EA or was I possibly hacked some how? Mind you I only ever log in on either my home computer or console & have never given out any of my info!

I barely had anything besides about 98k coins & like 12 or 13 lower IF ranging from like 10k-70k fifa 15 coins each & Aguero. The Aguero that I was helped to get by my build thread by donations & a couple guys who PM'd me on their own to help greatly just because. So now I feel bad for getting all that help to have EA screw me over.

I was just saying last night in a thread & on the "veteran" forum/chat how my dream build is around Aguero with all the IF City players (except the too expensive motm Yaya) but now that & any other idea is down the drain!!!

I don't even know what to do now, I've lost almost all desire to even play any more from this.

Any help/ideas??

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