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This time I will just straight out just share my trading method that makes me quite a lot of coins daily and have shared with my followers on twitch. It's effective and the most important thing it's SAFE. Why you may ask?

HaPpTiC's Best Trading Method explained ! Avg:150k-300k fifa coins daily

Let's try this again. This time I will just straight out just share my trading method that makes me quite a lot of coins daily and have shared with my followers on twitch. It's effective and the most important thing it's SAFE. Why you may ask? Because I basically go ahead and try new players everyday and do the dirty work for you guys. Which is to invest on on a player that I might think will work and make me profit. And ofcourse if it does make me profit then I will definitely share the player with all of you guys here. And if he doesnt then def would not share it lol. The good thing is that your not losing coins because you did not do this part. This is the Same thing I do for my twitch followers and now il be doing it for you guys here on the forums

How it works ?

What you basically are doing is spamming the first page or second of that one player that I tell you to buy. So when a customer sees it .. he will just see all of your cards. And the key for it to work is that each card he sees must all be different starting prices and different buy now prices, that way your tricking him into thinking that player is going for that much. Guess what? He buys your card and BOOM 2k,3k or even 4k profit right there. Unlike when someone puts a player for the same prices.... THAT WOULD NOT WORK. Also I focus on players that will give us a lot profit, like 2k to 4k profit on each card And sometimes 5k... yes 5000 fifa 15 coins! Unlike 1k profit it's just a waste of time to be honest. Do this correctly and you ll be making an estimate of 150k to 300k profit a day!

So now to start with my trading method what you do is:

1- invest on the players I recommend (Always buy for less than 2k each card, exceptions will be said by me) Make sure you get at least 15 to 20 cards of that one player i recommended to use. The more different players you use the BETTER ! Everyday il be recommending at least one or two new players that you guys can invest on. Count on that.

2- List those cards HOURLY! Always put each card you invested on for different starting price and different buy now from 3k to 5k each!. Some prices will be different , just ask for definite price.

Example: 3200-3800 3500-3700 3800-4100 3400-4000 etc...

3- Do whatever you want to do for an hour till your cards expired. Examples : play games, go outside, say I love you to your parents, pray that you sell all 100 cards in one cycle(impossible), feed your pets, go take a shower u stink, etc.

4- Last step ! Be amazed by how your players sold for big amounts of coins. After you done drooling, just relist again and reinvest when you feel like it.


Here's my sales from yesterday 4/20/15

(Important note: Sometimes you might not sell a lot, and that's fine. Just try not to get discourage and keep relisting. If you need assistance let me know and Il help you )

Anyways Method works like a charm, thousands have done it already and are thankful that I helped them out. I usually stream my sales and new players to trade with everynight, so ppl believe and can start earning coins quick. That being said there shouldn't be any reason why it wouldn't work for you. If it doesn't work for you, then you must be doing something wrong. Ask for help if needed. I'm here to help you make tons of coins ^_^ . You won't regret it .

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