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I play fifa career mode on PS4 with manual controller settings (except crosses and short passes) with Orion523's sliders on World Class.Now i'm playing 2016-2017 season. On first season i finished second in Bundesliga and won the DFB pokal (Wolfsburg won Bundesliga

Hamburger SV FIFA Career 16/17

Sup. I play fifa career mode on PS4 with manual controller settings (except crosses and short passes) with Orion523's sliders on World Class. I picked Hamburg SV cause something is very wrong with their results and i believe they can achieve a lot more with good management. And Rafa Van Der Vaart is one of my favourite footballers.

Now i'm playing 2016-2017 season. On first season i finished second in Bundesliga and won the DFB pokal (Wolfsburg won Bundesliga, Bayern and Borussia somehow failed everything). I personally think it was luck, cause only Wolfsburg and Borussia Dortmund were very hard to play against. But still, i tried to pull maximum from my leaders like P. M. Lassogga and his OP headers just like from FIFA 14.

On second season i achieved the Bundesliga title and won the DFB pokal again, but failed the Champions Cup, yet last season was very succesfull and battle for the title of Bundesliga was to the bitter end.

I did not use extra funds or something like that, cause i'm trying to achieve something special with this club in realistic and fair way. I'm trying to purchase strong players and playing with different winning tactics against every opponent.

Now i'm on my third season and i'm trying to defend my Bundesliga title, reach semi-fnal of the Champions Cup and continue my manager work with this club.

Here is my squad, i'm playing 4-3-3 scheme:

GK - S. Ulreich 85 - Did not expect that, was 79

RB - D. Diekmeier 78

CB - K. Glik 83 - Not as good as i hoped

CB - A. Dragovic 80

LB - M. Jansen 78

CDM - V. Behrami 81

CM - L. Fer 82 - Awesome player

CAM - R. Van der Vaart 81 - Key player

RW - K. Mirallas 85 - Key player, outstanding growth, did not expect that

* - E. Dzeko 86 - Very surprised with his decision to join me and his growth

LW - R. Babel 82 - The biggest surprise, 75 to 82 and one of my biggest players with a lot of assists and goals retaining his best form till now, his positioning reminds me of T. Muller (which was increased to >80)


GK - R. Spiegel 74 - Crying about his time a lot

LB - N. Murru 74

CB - J. Okore 77

CDM - V. Geis 79 - Beast long shots

CM - L. Holtby 81 - Was starting squad in good form, but not as good as he was now, and Fer started to progress like a beast

RW - M. Beister 79

* - V. Ibisevic 82 - Was my main striker until Dzeko finnaly woke up


* - A. Paloschi 77 (pre contract) - Awesome striker, but stopped progressing and Sampdoria loaned him

* - Y. Poulsen 74 and growing

RM - S. Gnabry 76 and growing

CM - T. Arslan 75

CM - K. Demirbay 68

CDM - G. Kacar 73 - His "I will stay and i love this club" and "Omg i wanna be key player somewhere else" story is better than twilight

RB - A. Gotz 62 - Will sell him next transfer window

RB - K. Akpoguma 70 and growing

CB - R. Vlaar 76 (pre contract) - Was my main defender, but started to lose his form, maybe will sell him

GK - Brunst 58

LM - T. Werner 75 and growing (loaned)

CAM - M. Stendera 73 and growing (loaned)

CM - M. Pasalic 71 and growing (loaned)

CB - J. Tah 76 and growing (loaned)

CB - M. Sarr 71 and growing (loaned)

CM - M. Steinmann 67 and growing (loaned)

CDM - G. Jung 64 and growing (loaned)

RW - P. Muller 68 and growing (loaned)

Transfers out:

PSG purchased Lassogga for 50.000.00 $ after first season after his great form and 20 goals in Bundesliga. (which is so funny compared to his results in real life)

Arsenal purchased R. Adler for 30.000.000 $.

Zenit purchased N. Muller for 25.000.000 $

Fiorentina purchased S. Tasci for 31.000.000 $ after his not so good season with me, so i decided to sell him. He was my main defender with R. Vlaar (he was a rock) in 2015/16 campaign.

I did not want to sell those players, but those offers are something you can't ignore.

I. Ilicevic, P. jiracek, S. Rajkovic, A. Rudnevs, Z. Stieber, H. Westermann, J. Djourou, Cleber, M. Ostrzolek, V. Nafiu and J. Drobny were sold for good money to have their playing time somewhere else. Btw I want to say that Westermann and Djourou were quite good in my first season, but against Borussia or Bayern they were quite useless

Transfers in:

GK - S. Ulreich 85 (10.000.000 $ from Stuttgart)

GK - R. Spiegel 74 (4.000.000 $ from West Ham)

CB - K. Glik 83 (from Torino for 16.500.000 $)

CB - A. Dragovic (pre-contract from Feyenoord)


CB - R. Vlaar (pre-contract from Aston VIlla)


CB - M. Sarr (1.500.000 $ from Borussia)


CB - J. Okore (19.000.000 $ from Aston Villa)


RB - K. Akpoguma (3.000.000 $ from Hoffenhaim)


LB - N. Murru (4.000.000 $ from Cagliari)


CDM - J. Geis (7.000.000 $ from Mainz)


CM - L. Fer (13.000.000 $ from QPR)


CM - L. Holtby (15.000.000 $ from Spurs)


CM - M. Pasalic (5.000.000 $ from Elche)


CAM - M. Stendera (2.000.000 $ from Frankfurt)


RW - S. Gnabry (laughable 130.000 $ from Arsenal, maybe bugged)


RW - K. Mirallas (20.000.000 $ from Everton)


* - E. Dzeko (pre-contract from Borussia)


* - V. Ibisevic (10.000.000 $ from Stuttgart)


* - A. Paloschi (pre-contract from Chievo Verona)


* - Y. Poulsen (7.500.000 $ from RB Leipzig)


LW - R. Babel (5.000.000 $ from Kasimpa┼ča SK)


LW - T. Werner (6.000.000 $ from Stuttgart)


After last winter transfer window 2017:


E. Hazard 89 and M. Gotze 89, both pre-contract. I can't wait next season to start to play with them.


CB - J. Okore 77 for 19.000.000 $ from Aston Villa


CB - H. Badstuber 80 from Bayern, pre contract


CB - J. A. Brooks 77 from Hertha, pre contract


Now i'm second in Bundesliga after Bayern and reached 1/8 in Champions Cup. I hope i will achieve something special after this season with E. Hazard and M. Gotze and a new world class CB, cause this season going not so well. My defence fails to much and Mirallas lost his form. But will see..


I'm streaming my career mode with my PS4, but without mic or cam, cause i'm shy.


Twitch: nk_ashes


PSN: nk_ashes


Also i have a lot of screenshots of my career which i will add after.

Thank you for your attention and feel free to comment, ask questions or anything like that, i will try to read and answer. Love football and try to play career mode instead of UT. Have a good time, peace.

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