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Now before you start shouting at your computer screen, imagine that FIFA 16 has just launched today, you are about to open your first few packs to build a EPL team. You have generated about 1 million fifa 15 coins

Genuine appreciate EA's effort!

Up until now I was slagging EA off along with the rest of the community but I have come to realize what has happened and what EA are trying to achieve.

Main Goal

I have been on this forum with the FIFA community since FUT 11 and what I have seen is multiple threads of p***** off people who are not happy with price rises since FUT 13.

Just take a deep breath and take a look back in time to FUT 11 and 12. You could grab a Messi for 400k. Actually, even in FUT 13 for 600k, and you know what? we weren't happy with the prices even then.

So coin sellers and autobuyers made the prices rocket. It has reached a point were the coins generated from packs are no longer enough for a middle class gamer to afford a Messi or a Ronaldo. That'll lead to people feeling hopeless and not attempting to open packs. Opening less packs means lower card weights.

Question is, what can EA do?

Solution 1-lower pack prices. I take it that most of you would agree with this. Before a games developer, EA is a business which has to feed billions and net a profit. As an example if EA lowered the 5k packs to 2.5k that could easily be a years profit of say 30 million halved to 15 million. So, they can help us get Ronaldo and Messi like this but they would have to take a loss. You will say, well 15 million is still a profit so why get too greedy? in this current economic climate to stay competent and healthy, every organisation has to learn from previous years, set new goals & agenda and try to improve in the following year.

Solution 2-what EA have done to the market. Price range! Now before you start shouting at your computer screen, imagine that FIFA 16 has just launched today, you are about to open your first few packs to build a EPL team. You have generated about 1 million coins. Now you search the market for a Hazard and he is going for min price range at 150k, I can guarantee you would bid for him as it is the start of FUT even though EA have set the prices. What's the benefit? Messi will never reach 5 million?

Why I changed my mind about EA?

After reading solution 2, your probably thinking that why did EA start it mid season, that I don't know clearly but what I do admire is there effort.

Those who are benefiting - Silva capped at 500k and SIF Suarez at 6.5 million. Still not worth it in reality but SIF Suarez would easily of been at 15 million without the cap. How is EA trying to help? Well they are trying there best to keep prices as low as possible. For example, SIF Suarez should in reality be a 2 million the most but how would those people feel who bought MOTM at 10 million. So EA choose the safer option and go through the middle at 6.5 million. The damage is already done, there is nothing much else they can do.

Those who are not benefiting - Those who spent millions on players and they have been lowered. Reading up to this point, you may have come to realize that you are among those who just accept what is happening and try to take advantage of the system. High prices were always wrong. Buying a overpriced player was never right but we all had to do it. We bought and then traded for a profit rather than letting someone else take that player who genuinely wanted. Some people got frustrated and chose the easier option and bought coins just to get that damn player at whatever price it was going at. How can EA help you. Their main goal is to fix the market and bring prices down. Obviously you won't be happy as you would have lost so much, so that is why they have introduced a min price cap. So if you do loose fifa 15 coins, you do not as much.

Thumbs up for adjusting the prices on some players. SIF Aguero, Toure, Neuer, Hazard, Reus, Di Maria have gone down because they were not selling. Now if you say that why have they gone down because u have lost coins well that is unfair to EA because over the past 3 days everyone has been screaming that the players were not selling at min price and wanted it lowered.

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