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FUT 16 Experience: Got the game prior to the release in North America and have completed single player seasons until finally switching to online.

FUT16 - My take and final Review

First of all one of the most important things when I've been reading these threads is being aware of player experience and football IQ so I know how much I can value that opinion so...

FIFA Experience: Playing since FUT 10, a 5:1 win ratio with about 1500-2000 wins every year and win every Online Division title on my first try before I stick to Online Tournaments (I find it better playing out for a win rather then getting undeserved draws). I've also not used tactics for the most part, and stick to Balanced.

Football IQ: Played soccer for over 10 years, and watch as much as I can. To be more precise, I haven't missed a Real Madrid game in at least 4 years. Also love watching BPL (as everyone should).

FUT 16 Experience: Got the game prior to the release in North America and have completed single player seasons until finally switching to online. Am currently undefeated online (13-0) and can say that 4/5 star teams on Ultimate/Legendary is significantly harder then majority of FUT users so far.

So here it is.. As many mixed opinions that there has been about this game, I think one side of the argument is almost completely false. The false side is the ones saying this game is "unplayable".

This year has finally inherited as much realism as EA could take in. The passing has become more diverse (driven pass now included) and now counter attacks are no longer a 90% goal chance type thing. In real life counter attacks frequently end in a bad final pass to get that last chance at goal, even with space.

And my favorite change along with many of yours... no more players with eyes at the back of their head spinning 180 degrees to make a pass COMPLETELY unrealistic in real life. People who were all tapping X as soon as they could are now done this year, and most likely a high percentage of the ones hating on this game.

People saying the defense is OP are wrong because all it did was make defense more realistic from all perspectives, especially interceptions which were definitely overlooked in previous FIFAs. The defender could be 1 foot away from the ball and not intercept it in previous FIFAs.

As for people saying defense is "noob proof", this is incorrect because even if you are controlling the 2nd defender (R1) you will have to switch players in order to make the tackle.

As for people saying that High Pressure is OP, this is also incorrect because it's one of the times your opponent becomes vulnerable to a counter attack as certain players push up and get out of position. It's clear there has always been a percentage of FIFA players who just can't understand what to do to get out of Pressure every year, and now this is the worst for them. No more booting it to aubamayeng and hoping for the best

As for offense, real life build up play has finally been inherited. People with low football IQ just don't understand how much one simple back pass can open up a defense. Pace has been nerfed, but it clearly is still evident if used correctly (quick bursts on the man marking you).

Dribbling is now no longer so ridiculous that it's easy to dangle every player on your opponents team, only certain moves will work at certain times this year.. But for those who love dribbling, if you're playing someone terrible at defense you can still dangle the whole team... I find step overs and the 90 degree turn to be most effective this year.

On top of all of this, goalies are better, finesse shots are given respect again and as for the overall finishing it just takes time to get use to after enough practice infront of goal.

Final Take: Best Fifa ever. But people who want to make 2 or 3 passes then score will always hate it... The only things I can say that may need an edit is a SLIGHT increase in pace just for realism purposes and also the responsiveness of your player handling the ball, which at random points feels more unresponsive.

Thank You EA for a genuine football simulator finally. Now if only EA could finally get rid of all these application bugs, this will be 100% enjoyment.

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