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We all know that behind FUT is a behemoth multi-billion dollar company known as EA, voted time after time as the worst company in America

FUT Packs aren't "random"

We all know that behind FUT is a behemoth multi-billion dollar company known as EA, voted time after time as the worst company in America. EA has enjoyed a rather succesful financial streak from FUT due to the pay-to-play feature genereated from the sale of FIFA Points. Now, EA has stated that purchase of the virtual packs generates at random an assortment of players from the database along with other items.

Let me list the reasons why the pulls aren't as random as you would think:

1. EA have complete access to your trading history, pack-pull history and in-game match history (evidence= in FIFA 13 there was a glitch for MC TOTS which caused some of us to receive NIF versions of the TOTS players . Without making any claims, EA later (after one week) assigned 3 players to my account which I discarded unknowningly.

2. Select youtubers are gifted IF's for their promotion of FiFA and UT.

3. when EA has control over situations like this I would definitely rule out "random" as one of the probabilities

4. My fourth piece of evidence relies solely on my experience about 1 month ago when MOTM Vidal was in packs. I spent $100 on FP hoping to pull some decent players after not eing on UT for a while. I had Griezzeman as my best pull. I immediately emailed a customer relations employee demanding an answer to explain the odds (like other companies publish in their trading card games e.g: Konami) but to no avail I was met with shadiness and a simple explanation of "random probability" . Mind you I had been a loyal customer since FIFA 13 and spent loads on FP. About an hour later I promoted from DIV 2 to DIV 1 and earned coins to buy a premium gold pack...lo and behold a MOTM Vidal was staring at me.

If you still believe this game-mode is based on "randomness" then you are slightly naive. Sadly, this will be my last year playing UT because of EA's unethical business manners. Thanks for reading guys.

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