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Ok so I absolutely love the idea of FUT draft as it's likely the only way I'll get to use top players.

FUT Draft without FIFA Points - coin sink or viable mode?

Ok so I absolutely love the idea of FUT draft as it's likely the only way I'll get to use top players.

My question is whether you think it's just going to be a coin sink for those who aren't using FP to enter, and using coins instead?

First things first...15k fifa 16 coins is actually quite a lot. Roughly 30 matches of match coins, seasons rewards aside.

Ok so they say you get rewards 'equal to the entry cost' if you are eliminated immediately, but the cynic in me can't help but feel this isn't going to pan out like that in reality.

So you pay 15k fifa 16 coins to enter, lose the first game and end up with 2 x premium gold packs in which you pull nothing of note. Sell it all and you get maybe 5k fifa 16 coins, so you're 10k down.

Of course you might get lucky and get a decent pull here or there to help redress the balance but I get the impression the house is always going to win here and that this mode will essentially be the domain of the points buyers.

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