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I don't understand what happened but since the release of FUT15 I have been competing around the division 2 to division 4 and for most of this I had a below average PL team, worth about 50k tops.

FUT 15 - Lost The Ability To Win Games?


I don't understand what happened but since the release of FUT15 I have been competing around the division 2 to division 4 and for most of this I had a below average PL team, worth about 50k tops.

Outta nowhere, literally, I cannot win a single game for about a month now (obviously winning the very occasional game. It's actually ridiculous. I CANNOT GET OUT OF DIVISION 8! I then drew to the conclusion that obviously since about a month ago I've ended up now spending at least a hundred pound of my own money on fifa points to get better fifa players. I got Neymar and then Suarez during the ToTY packs.

So now I've got a pretty beast team. Still... cannot beat average 1-2k teams in division 8. I started going crazy... I must of turned *? I put this to the test by inviting my friend over to play a couple of games. He is defiantly a lot better than I am and always has been. He's in division 1 on his UT.

First game in division 9: He gets matched up against an almost full TOTS and loses 5-0. He was still shocked to not score at least a goal and admitted something doesnt feel right. The second game though he was set against a bog average 1-2k fut 15 coins team. What happens?

Of course he draws 1-1. The stats? Around 16-17 shots vs the other teams 1. I lost count on how many times he hits the crossbar, how many times the referee blows for a fair tackle and the amount of times he's practically playing against the AI on world class.

I wish I was exaggerating but my FIFA is broken/hacked/sabotaged.

I should upload a video of my average FIFA game in division 8 because if I read something like this a few months ago I'd think, "Pfft, rager. Get good bro"

I googled it before posting this and didn't find anyone with a similar problem, so I'm wondering if anyone has any idea at all what is happening?

I tried deleting my club and restarting and it didn't work. And before you say "just stop playing", I have.. and depending on how this post does I'm selling the game on ebay.

Yeah, strange how talking about handicapping is banned huh? :/ I mean what would EA get from letting the less good players enjoing and winning and the better players losing a game or 2. Not that it would keep the worse players playing and the better players wanting to open packs hmm..

I understand I'm not that good at the game, I believed to be, I was normally a confident contender on division 5 at least though which is pretty much the same as the last 2 Fifas for me.

Just played a couple of games and boy oh boy does the opposition goalkeepers turn into superman, its just frustrating when you outplay the other person so hard for 90 minutes for none of your shots to go in, the they score on a counter attack with their only shot on target.

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