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FUT 14 market was plagued by coin glitching/selling and hyperinflation. FUT 15 market (until price ranges were introduced) was plagued by coin glitching/selling and hyperinflation.

FUT 14 market was plagued by coin glitching/selling and hyperinflation

What would prevent someone from buying cards on old gen, then logging into their FUT account and selling the cards on new gen (or vice versa)?

If the answer is "FUT accounts should be completely split from old gen and next gen, and users cannot carry progress between both", then that incentivizes not upgrading to next gen during the year (since you would have to start over from scratch after upgrading). Next gen sales would be affected.

Do you agree that eliminating the crossover ability (i.e. keeping all your fifa coins, cards, everything if/when someone buys an XB1/PS4 version of FIFA) would severely disincentivize people from upgrading mid-year? Personally, if I only owned FIFA 16 on old gen, I would definitely not pay another $60 for a new version if it meant completely starting my progress over. I would wait until FIFA 17.

Also, I think it's naive to think that certain glitches on Xbox 360 and PS3 (i.e. consoles mass coin farming) won't eventually be replicated on next gen console. Thus, in a split market, the cheaters would focus 99% of their efforts on new gen fifa coins (since that's where all the money is), and ironically, the old gen market would end up being the "clean" market.

What impact does this "coin glitch" have on a market with price ranges? It'll be very interesting to follow the FUT 16 market from the start (assuming they keep price ranges).

Price ranges definitely have their share of negatives ("extinct" cards, unsellable cards, inaccurate ranges, etc.), but I think we can all agree that they've had a significant impact on the prevalence of coin-selling for your average player. Even if a very small minority of users still have the ability to generate illegal fifa coins next year, what use will it have when they are unable to distribute them to paying customers?

FUT 14 market was plagued by coin glitching/selling and hyperinflation. FUT 15 market (until price ranges were introduced) was plagued by coin glitching/selling and hyperinflation. I expect the FUT 16 market to be the best and most stable economy that we've seen on FIFA in years.

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