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Let me start by saying, I've lurked here for years and always wanted to write this fifa guide ok, but never got around to it. Although I'm a noob in forum terms I'm a very experienced D1 fifa player online

Full FIFA 15 Guide Custom Tactics

INTRO : Let me start by saying, I've lurked here for years and always wanted to write this fifa guide ok, but never got around to it. Although I'm a noob in forum terms I'm a very experienced D1 player online, so, I've tried for a few months to find good guides and although people write nice guides at times I find they are lacking the crucial information I required to use them properly, so it's my goal to do this guide fully and without nonsense you don't need to read and include all the relevant details you do need. 

SO WHY 4-4-2(2) : Well for me, it's all about balance and player availabilty on the pitch. Simply put if you apply the CUSTOM TACTIC I'm going to list in a minute and use the WORK RATES I suggest, then there will ALWAYS be a player available to pass to, just take your time, don't spam too many triangle through balls, and there will inevitably be a player available at all times you can pick out with a simple pass.

I don't conceed many goals and I'm not the best defender , I don't have the best defence as you'll see in the team linked here 

My team:

What I notice is that defending in this game is more about being sensible and smart, the custom tactic is low on pressue and low on aggession compared to others I've seen and this allows you to just sit back, wait and pounce on the opponents at the right time, don't panic, remain calm, and just wait for him to come to you, you'll win most battles this way. 


Look, I can't make you play amazing, I can't make you win ok but what I can do is help you play to your best potential. Please remember, the thing about this formation is the rigidity. It's about simple passes with the X button, leave the triangle ball the hell alone unless you can SEE the pass you're about to play is 100% going to come off. Pass slowly, take a touch, turn, next pass , and so on. Pass backwards if needbe, don't be scared to pick the ball up with the forward, turn and pass it back to the CDM and then out to the RM and so on. Relax, pass, and goals will come. Trust me ok. 


Look at my team's workrates.

FOLLOW THESE WORKRATES TO THE LETTER and you won't go far wrong 

GK- Doesn't matter, they're all mince, anyone you want. 90 Neuer plays literally the same as a bronze GK. Honestly.  Use who you prefer. 


                   ONE HIGH/MED 

They MUST correspond with your LM/RM as follows : If you have the RB being HIGH/HIGH and RM must be HIGH/MED, Conversely the LB would be HIGH/MED and LM must be HIGH/HIGH simple??!(copy my workrates) 

You know the players to look for here, pacey, strong, good crossing a bonus, good shooting a bonus, but PACEY is the top trait to search for. 


               ONE MED/HIGH 

What you're looking for here is WELL ROUNDED players, you'll know who your favourites are, these are the guys you know are gonna win those headers, the guys who are good at winning those one on one tackles, I use Kaboul and Koscielny. They just win things, they get the job done, I'm not gonna tell you to use them but use the ones you feel good with, I strongly recommend the workrates above though, it works in this formation. 


                       ONE HIGH/MED 

As we discussed above, the H/H guy must match with the H/M defender and the H/M guy with the H/H defender. So once you've got that in place, what do you want ?? You want pace. You want dribbling ability, you want an annoying little lad who can kick heels and just twist blood out there of the opponent's fullbacks, these lads are gonna bomb it down the wing and other times they're gonna just chill on halfway, confuse the he'll outta your opponent, leave them wondering what you're about to do next. DRIBBLING/CROSSING/PASSING. Sorted. 


Right, this bit is a bit controversial, EVERY guide I see calls for ONE defensive guy ONE attacking guy. Forget that. It doesn't work. Trust me. You need two defensive guys, but not total donkeys, not just destroyers, they need to be able to pass and dribble a little ok. They need to be able to win tackles then distribute the ball fairly quickly to either forward, or one of the wingers. You're gonna see them sit one on halfway, one just behind him and they're gonna break up 80%+ of your opponents attacks before it even gets to your CB area. I use Wanyama and Mccarthy, it's personal preference and in this position I'd actually recommend using guys you LIKE in real life, guys you feel good with in game who are MED/HIGH and can pass a little. Perfect. Almost there 


Forwards  ONE MED/MED 

            ONE HIGH/LOW 

Ok, we are nearly done, these guys honestly will score 90% of the goals in this team. One of the guys, the HIGH/LOW guy, he's gonna be a little jinky skillful *, a really annoying troll of a fifa player, always picking the ball up just past halfway and turning and running at the opponent CB, sometimes he's gonna switch it up and look for guy number two with a through ball or an over the top though and guy two is a big strong great header of the ball, a beast. A MED/MED legend. Use your favourite guy, I used Andy Carroll, complete legend, over 100 goals in 70 games. Use any pair you like as long as one is HIGH/LOW and one is MED/MED you're sorted. 

CUSTOM TACTIC.  Go in to a game as if you're gonna play the TOTW and edit the custom tactic as follows then back out and play your actual game online, it'll save as your custom tactic ONLY DURING THIS SESSION, you must do this every time you play a new session, it takes like 45secs to do ok. Do it, it'll improve your game 100% I mean it. 




















None. I honestly don't like them, I use none, if you feel like they might work for you, go for it, but personally, I don't think they add to this formation, this formation is about simplicity and keeping the ball nice and short passing. I don't use instructions.

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